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HPE NonStop SQL/MP Essentials


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This course is an introduction to the HPE NonStop SQL/ MP database product and serves as a prerequisite to more advanced courses. Hands-on lab sessions provide practical experience with creating databases and generating queries to access the data. The course is 70 percent lecture and 30 percent hands-on labs using HPE NonStop servers.

After you successfully complete this course, expect to be able to:
  • Understand relational database concepts and terminology


  • Anyone working with or interested in the HPE NonStop SQL/MP product
  • Anyone responsible for managing or designing a database or developing embedded SQL programs


  • U4147S: Concepts and Facilities for HPE NonStop Systems


 Relational Database Definitions
  • Flat-file systems and relational database management systems (RDMBS)
  • Components of a relational table
  • Relational database structure
  • Primary and foreign keys in a relational table
  • Different types of relationships
  • How relationships are formed in a relational database

SQL/MP Physical Architecture
  • Characteristics and functions of NonStop SQL/MP objects
  • Function and important aspects of each of the objects 

NonStop SQL/MP Process Architecture
  • Characteristics and functions of NonStop SQL/MP processes
  • Function and important aspects of each of the processes
  • Overall data flow

NonStop SQL/MP - The SQL Language
  • Standard types of SQL statements and their functions

NonStop SQL/MP Conversational Interface
  • Setting up an SQLCI session
  • Standard SQLCI commands
  • Ad hoc query processing
  • SQLCI Report Writer

Generating Queries for Single Tables
  • Core syntax, structure, and function of an SQL query

Generating Queries Against Multiple Tables
  • Concept of a “join” 
  • Simple join examples
  • How joining works and how to work through a join

 SQL Subqueries
  • Concept of a subquery
  • Two types of subqueries
  • Syntax of subqueries

Creating a NonStop SQL/MP Database
  • Catalog
  • Table
  • Partition
  • Index 
  • Constraint
  • View
  • Comment
  • Collation

Creating Rows and Loading a NonStop SQL/ MP Database
  • Referential integrity
  • How to use the INSERT statement
  • SQL utilities, CONVERT, COPY, and LOA

Modifying Database Data
  • Business transactions and Transaction Control Language (TCL) SQL commands
  • SQL UPDATE and DELETE commands
  • Locking mechanisms

 NonStop SQL Management Functions
  • Introduction to managing an SQL/MP database
  • Syntax to alter or drop a NonStop SQL/MP object
  • Impact and considerations to alter or drop SQL objects in the database 
  • Security issues related to adding, altering, or dropping an SQL object from the database
  • Object  dependencies
  • SQLCI and NonStop kernel utilities



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