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Instructor: MVP Sami Laiho, Courselanguage: Englisch!

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One of world’s leading Windows OS and Security Expert, Sami Laiho, finally brings his world famous Saminarium event to Austria!

This one day yearly event is a State of the Union talk about anything-Microsoft. Sami goes through the really important changes and additions to the Microsoft products and features in an entertaining and easy to digest format. Sami will go through On-Prem, Hybrid and Native Cloud options and shares his best practises Notes from the Field. This seminar is for anyone interested in the current state of Microsoft and what to concentrate on Next.

This year the topics include:
  • What did 2022 teach us and how does the future look like?
  • Future of the Workplace and Microsoft’s role in it
  • The Cloud: All-in or Hybrid – what are companies doing in 2023? Back to onprem?
  • Microsoft’s biggest announcements
  • Endpoint Management in the future
  • Security in 2023+
  • Zero Trust – notes from the field
  • The most important protections against ransomware
  • Protecting Backups and the Fabric


IT-Professionals working with Microsoft.


Experience with Microsoft.


  • What did 2020 and the pandemic teach us
  • Future of the Workplace and Microsoft’s role in it
  • The Cloud: All-in or Hybrid – what are companies doing?
  • Microsoft’s biggest announcements
  • How are endpoints managed in the future?
  • Security in 2021+
  • Zero Trust – the new normal?
  • MFA everywhere
  • Best Practices in removing Admin rights
  • Forget Internal networks!


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