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PRojects IN Controlled Environments is a project management method, that is being used in all kinds of projects, independent of size and industry. It was originally created by the British government and is the most used method worldwide with intensive use all over Europe, Middle East, but also the United States and Canada.
Projects are usually managed with varying success, sometimes a huge amount of effort, energy is invested and projects are delayed or above cost.
This training teaches you to be an expert in project management and how to run and finish your projects within the time and cost constraints give. You will learn how to do project and stage planning, how to do risk management and you will learn all aspects of quality control - topics that are often neglected.
With our PRINCE2 Practitioner training you will learn all aspects of PRINCE2 7th edition (including the 7 principles, 7 themes and the 7 processes) and how you can manage projects yourself with the help of PRINCE2.
This training includes both internationally accredited exams: PRINCE2 7th edition Foundation and PRINCE2 7th edition Practitioner certification.
Our training focuses on:
  • Theoretical knowledge of the whole PRINCE2 methodology
  • Practical application of PRINCE2 (with the help of a lot of practical examples from our internationally experienced trainer)
  • Central Focus on People Management
  • Preparation for the certification exam.
  • Differentiate yourself from others in this area, by making sure that the success of your projects is not just mere luck.
ITIL®, PRINCE2®, PRINCE2® Agile, MSP® and MoR® are registered trademarks of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.


  • People that work for organisations that need to run projects effectively and efficiently, whereas PRINCE2 can be used equally well for IT and non-IT projects
  • Project- and program managers that want to deepen their knowledge around project management or want to be certified
  • People that have regular contact with project teams and want to understand the terminology and principles that are being used
  • Information Workers
  • Information Worker


No special prior knowledge is necessary to attend the course.


The seven principles
  • Continued Business Justification
  • Learn from Experience
  • Define Roles and Responsibilities
  • Manage by Stages
  • Manage by Exception
  • Focus on Products
  • Tailor to the Environment

The seven themes
  • Business Case, weighing up costs/benefits/risks
  • Organisation of the project team
  • Quality planing and control
  • Project, stage and team planing
  • Manage changes
  • Understand risks and react correctly
  • Manage progress and report it

The seven PRINCE2 processes
  • Starting up a project
  • Initiating a project
  • Directing a project
  • Controlling a stage
  • Managing product delivery
  • Managing stage boundaries
  • Closing a project
Central Focus on People Management: recognising the importance of human capital in project success
  • Enhanced Flexibility and Customization: adapting to the unique requirements of each project, across sectors.
  • Embracing Digital and Data Management: equipping you with the right tools to keep your projects up to date in the digital era.
  •  Integration of Sustainability into Project Performance: aligning projects with environmental and social responsibility goals.
  • Compatibility with Agile, Lean, and ITIL: enhancing overall project performance.
  • How to use all principles, themes and processes together
  • Tailoring PRINCE2 to the project environment
  • Preparation for PRINCE2 7th edition Foundation exam
  • Preparation for PRINCE2 7th edition Practitioner exam


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