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HPE Nimble II: Remote Replication and Integrations


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This course provides additional knowledge of the advanced capabilities of HPE Nimble Storage arrays, including multiarray groups and pools, replication, disaster recovery, VMware® vVols, configuration of syslog and SNMP trap forwarding, and audit logs and event logs. Using extensive hands-on lab exercises that comprise over 70% of the course, you gain a practical understanding of HPE Nimble Storage integration with Microsoft Windows, Linux, VMware and Veeam. 

At the conclusion of this course, the student should be able to:
  • Review HPE Nimble Storage topics
  • Discuss and understand disaster terminology
  • Describe, configure and perform replication between groups for both planned and unplanned disaster recovery scenarios
  • Discuss peer persistence
  • Discuss and perform advanced administration features, including volume performance settings, SNMP, deduplication, encryption, and more
  • Configure and manage multi-member groups, storage pools and discuss scale-up and scale-out guidelines and requirements
  • Configure and perform volume moves between pools, and volume striping in a multi-member pool
  • Discuss network considerations, networking best practices and scenarios for HPE Nimble Storage
  • Describe integrations with Windows, Linux, VMware and Veeam


Storage administrators who desire additional training on the advanced features of HPE Nimble


  • HJ7C5S: HPE Nimble I: Management and Local Replication
  • H6LH8S: HPE Nimble Storage Introduction and Administration 
  • H9TH5S: HPE Nimble Storage Introduction and Administration (with extended lab time)
  • H9TH6AAE: Introduction to HPE Nimble Storage and InfoSight Analytics, Rev. 18.41
  • H9TH1S: Designing HPE Nimble Solutions, Rev. 18.21 (01113228)


Course Introduction
  • Agenda 
  • Topics review

Architecture and Advanced Features
  • Read and write operations
  • Nimble FS
  • Triple+ Parity RAID
  • Sparing 
  • Deduplication
  • Encryption

HPE Nimble Storage Replication
  • Disaster recovery terminology (planning, RPO, RTO, etc.)
  • SmartReplicate overview
  • Async replication
  • Sync replication
  • Replication capabilities (architecture, topologies incl. fan-out, etc.)
  • SmartReplicate operations
  • Peer persistence architecture and operations

  • Scale-to-fit review 
  • Scale-out groups 
  • Scale-out pools 
  • Scale-out operations 
  • Scale-out limitations and rules

Windows Integration 
  • VSS theory 
  • VSS in use on Nimble 
  • NWT components review 
  • Space reclamation

Linux Integration, Oracle and Docker Integration
  • HPE Nimble Storage Linux Toolkit (NLT)
  • NCM 
  • HPE Nimble Storage Oracle Application Data Manager 
  • HPE Nimble Host Tuning Utility/Nimbletune
  • Space reclamation

VMware Integration 
  • VMware integration features 
  • NCM 
  • VMware vCenter® integration
  • SRM integration 
  • Synchronized snapshots 
  • APIs and space reclamation 
  • vVols 
  • dHCI introduction

Backup Solution Integration 
  • HPE RMC overview and basic architecture 
  • Veeam overview and basic architecture 
  • Data Protector overview and basic architecture 
  • Additional data protection training



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