Securing Windows Platform: Windows 11 & Windows Server 2022


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Students will recognize and disable unnecessary service, implement secure service accounts, rights, permissions and privileges.


  • Ambitious Beginners in Cybersecurity - If you are a beginner with 1-2 years experience in cybersecurity, challenges define who you are. This training will hone your skills to detect today’s sophisticated cyberattacks and accelerate your career prospects in the field.
  • Specialists in IT - If you have 4-5 years experience in IT and want to spin off into cybersecurity, this training will give you all the relevant foundation and specialist skillsets to carve an exciting new career in cybersecurity.
  • Cybersecurity Specialists - This program is relevant for specialists with 3-5 years and more. You will polish up your skills, learn the most current tools and techniques relevant for the newest systems, and boost your reputation.


At least 1-2 years experience in cybersecurity or 4-5 years experience in IT.


  • Defining and disabling unnecessary services
  • Implementing secure service accounts
  • Impementing rights, permissions and privileges
  • Code signing

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