Administration of IBM DataPower Gateway V7.6 - WE761


  • Configure an appliance for its initial deployment
  • Download and upgrade the firmware on the DataPower appliances
  • Create and manage user accounts, groups, and domains
  • Configure Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to and from DataPower Appliances
  • Troubleshoot and debug services by using the problem determination tools, logs, and probes that are provided with the DataPower appliance
  • Configure logging of messages to external locations

error_outline Wichtige Information

This course is also available as self-paced virtual (e-learning) course Administration of IBM DataPower Gateway V7.6 (ZE761G). This option does not require any travel. IBM DataPower Gateway Appliances are network devices that help secure, integrate, and optimize access to web, web services, mobile, and API workloads. Through instructor-led lectures and hands-on lab exercises, you learn how to run various administrative procedures, from initial installation and setup through ongoing maintenance of the appliances in production. You learn about the available management interfaces, such as the command-line interface (CLI), Web Management graphical interface, and XML Management Interface. You also learn how to use these interfaces to run various administrative tasks, such as upgrading firmware, running backup and restore operations, and configuring user accounts and domains. The course includes some information on upgrading firmware and working with DataPower hardware appliances. This course exercises uses the following appliances:
  • DataPower Gateway Virtual Edition
Information in the course units also applies to other DataPower appliances. The lab environment for this course uses the Ubuntu Linux Operating System on an ESX image that runs on the IBM Remote Lab Platform. For information about other related courses, see the IBM Training website:

expand_more chevron_right Zielgruppe

Dieses Seminar richtet sich an:
  • This course is designed for administrators who install, manage, and monitor IBM DataPower Gateway Appliances. The course is also relevant for developers who administer appliances.

    expand_more chevron_right Vorkenntnisse

    Für dieses Seminar werden folgende Kenntnisse empfohlen: You should successfully complete Technical Introduction to IBM WebSphere DataPower Gateway Appliances V7 (VW700G, no longer available). You should also be familiar with:
    • Security-based concepts and protocols
    • Ubuntu Linux
    • Networking protocols

    expand_more chevron_right Detail-Inhalte

    • Course introduction
    • DataPower deployment environments
    • Initial setup
    • Managing firmware
    • Exercise: Upgrading image firmware
    • DataPower administration overview
    • Using CLI and the XML Management Interface to configure appliance access
    • Exercise: Using the CLI and the XML Management Interface to manage DataPower appliances
    • DataPower services overview
    • Using the Web Management Blueprint Console to configure appliance access
    • Troubleshooting
    • Exercise: Using the troubleshooting tools to debug errors
    • DataPower cryptographic tools and SSL setup
    • Exercise: Securing connections with SSL
    • Logging and log targets
    • Exercise: Logging to an external system
    • Course summary


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