Internet Information Services Management - IIS


Internet Information Services is a solution that can be delivered in a couple of hours as well as in 3 weeks –we practiced both options! IIS is a never-ending subject that requires a deep-dive if you consider using it for web farm administration or if you want to become familiar withIIS behavior in particular situations. During this intensive 4-daytraining students will be introduced to the process of configuring advanced IIS features, configuring security settings, performing advanced troubleshooting and monitoring. You will learn everything you need to maintain and provide availability to business Web Application platform.

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Dieses Seminar wird in ENGLISCH gehalten!

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Ideal candidate for this course:
  • Enterprise administrators
  • web administrators
  • infrastructure architects
  • security professionals
  • systems engineers
  • network administrators
  • ITprofessionals
  • security consultants
  • other people responsible for implementing network and perimeter security

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    • you should have Windows Server Management and basic Web Server technologies experience

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    Module 1: Introducing, installing and configuring IIS 10 on Windows Server 2019

    Introducing Internet Information Services 10
    • Administration tools
    • Architecture overview
    • Configuration System overview

    Comparing previous versions of IIS

    Installing the Web Server (IIS) role in Windows Server 2019
    • Discussing the deployment scenarios
    • Using Server Manager
    • Using Unattended Setup
    • Using Command Linee.Troubleshooting installation4.Post-installation administration tasksa.HTTP Featuresb.Security Settingsc.Logging

    Module 2: Administering Web Sites
    • Creating a Web Site, Application, Virtual Directory
    • Managing Security settings for Web Sites
    • Administering Web Site logging
    • Configuring Failed Request Tracing
    • Managing Virtual Directories and remote content
    • Configuring Authentication Types
    • Configuring Bindings

    Module 3: Administering Applications and Application Pools
    • Managing Application Pools and Applications
    • Global Application Initializations
    • Managing Application Pool Identity
    • Managing Worker Processes and requests
    • CPU Throttling: Sand-boxing Sites and Applications
    • Idle Worker Process Page-Out

    Module 4: Configuring Application Development Settings
    • ASP.NET Security Settings
    • ASP.NET Application Development Settings
    • Configuring ASP.NET
    • Working with .Net Core

    Module 5: IIS 10 functionality extensions

    Architecture Extensions
    • CGI
    • FastCGI
    • ISAPId.ASP

    Managing Extensions
    • Security
    • Delegation

    Functionality Extensions
    • PHP
    • WebDAV
    • Media Servicesd.URL Rewrite

    Performance Extensions
    • Application WarmUp

    Security Extensions
    • URLScan / URLRewrite
    • Dynamic IP Restrictions

    Administrative extensions

    Module 6: Managing IIS 10 Modules
    • Adding IIS 10 Modules
    • Administering IIS 10 Modules

    Module7: Securing the IIS 10 platform and web environment
    • Configuring security settings on Windows Server2019
    • Centralized SSL Certificate Support
    • Secure Web Site settings
    • Configuring authentication and authorization
    • Restricting Web Site access
    • Secure Web Server implementation scenario

    Module 8: IIS 10 Remote Management
    • Enabling and configuring remote administration
    • Enabling and configuring delegated administration
    • Enabling and configuring feature delegation
    • Managing application Host.config and Web.config access levels
    • Security considerations for remote management

    Module 9: Configuring FTP Server on IIS 10
    • Managing FTP Authentication
    • Managing FTP Authorization
    • Configuring FTP Logging
    • Configuring FTP Logon Attempt Restrictions
    • Administering FTP Request Filtering
    • Configuring FTP User Isolation

    Module 10: Managing IIS 10 from the command line
    • Tools overview
    • Advanced management with PowerShell
    • Tools for Running Administrative Tasks in IIS
    • Automating management with Appcmd
    • IIS 10 and scripting6.3rdparty management tools

    Module 11: Tuning IIS 10 health and performance
    • Performance monitoring techniques
    • Monitoring IIS 10 under attack
    • Optimizing IIS 10 settings for better performance
    • Implementation scenarios analysis
    • Dynamic site activation
    • Idle Worker Process Page-out
    • HTTP/2

    Module 12: Administering Web Server Availability with Web Farms
    • Shared Configuration
    • Advanced Network Load Balancing settings and configuration
    • Building the Web Farm
    • Managing the Web Farm
    • Automating tasks in multiple server IIS 10 environment
    • Policy based management
    • Server Name Indication (SNI) –SSL Scalability
    • Backing Up an IIS Web Site
    • Restoring an IIS Web site
    • Application Request routing

    Module 13: IIS 10 Diagnostics
    • Auditing IIS 10 logs
    • Enhanced Logging
    • Logging to Event Tracing for Windows
    • Common error messages and examples
    • Auditing communication problems and examples
    • Troubleshooting authentication problems
    • Troubleshooting authorization problems
    • Managing and understanding problems with configuration
    • expand_more chevron_right event_available 11.04.-14.04.2023 11.04.2023 Seminarzeitentimer4 Tage roomVirtual-Training (VILT)
      • expand_more chevron_right Virtual Classroom 3.000,00
        • Live Online Training im virtuellen Klassenraum
        • Live Vortrag inkl. Interaktion mit dem/der Trainer*in
        • Seminarunterlagen, Teamwork, Labs
        • Keine hohen Hardware Anforderungen, dennoch Zugriff auf die gewohnte professionelle Übungsumgebung
        • keine Anfahrt ins Seminarzentrum notwendig

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