VMware Workspace ONE: Advanced Integration [V21.x] - WSOAI

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In this five-day course, you build on the foundations learned in VMWare Workspace ONE: Deploy & Manage [21.x] to accelerate the advancement of your deployment and management systems with VMware Workspace ONE® UEM and VMware Workspace ONE® Access™.

Through a series of hands-on labs, simulations, and interactive lectures, you effectively evaluate your organization’s current practices and discover opportunities to target improvements in identity, authentication, and access management. Additionally, you learn the strategies and techniques necessary to construct an integrated management strategy, utilizing a comprehensive set of VMware Workspace ONE® services, including Hub Services, the Unified Catalog, Intelligence, and the API.

Product Alignment
  • VMware Workspace ONE UEM
  • VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence
  • VMware Workspace ONE Access
  • VMware Carbon Black
  • VMware Horizon®
  • VMware Horizon® Cloud Service™
  • VMware Horizon® Cloud Service™  on Microsoft Azure

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Dieses Seminar richtet sich an:
  • Workspace ONE UEM operators and administrators, account managers, solutions architects, solutions engineers, sales engineers, and consultants
  • Workspace ONE Access operators and administrators, account managers, solutions architects, solutions engineers, sales engineers, and consultants

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    Before taking this course, you should have completed the following course:

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    Course Introduction
    • Introduction and course logistics
    • Course objectives

    Workspace ONE Platform
    • List high-level components of the Workspace ONE platform
    • Identify benefits of integrating Workspace ONE Access with other Workspace ONE products
    • Explain what services Workspace ONE Access offers
    • Outline the use cases for Workspace ONE Access Connector

    Identity Sources
    • Identify different directory types in Access based on identity sources
    • Explain supported Web standards for identity
    • Explain Access workflows of an AD and an LDAP directory
    • Identify features and use cases of 3rd-party identity sources
    • Identify the features and use cases of the VMware AirWatch® Provisioning App

    • Identify the benefits of modern identity and access management
    • Explain the workflows of connector-based authentication methods such as Kerberos, password, RADIUS, RSA SecureID
    • Explain the workflows of cloud-based authentication methods such as Mobile SSO for iOS, Mobile SSO for Android, VMware Verify, certificate, password, and device compliance

    Access Policies
    • Explain access policies and their importance
    • Describe how identity providers (IdP) and authentication methods work with policies
    • Explain how to create policy rules following best practice

    • Define the types of resources in the Workspace ONE Access catalog
    • Outline the common SAML authentication initiation methods for web applications in Workspace ONE Access
    • Describe the high-level integration steps of a Horizon Cloud integration with Workspace ONE Access

    Hub Services
    • Describe the relationship of Hub services, Workspace Intelligent Hub, Workspace ONE UEM, and Workspace ONE Access
    • Illustrate the primary components of Hub Services
    • Explain features and use cases of Workspace ONE Verify (Intelligent Hub)
    • Explain how to deploy mobile flows according to a use case

    • Describe how Workspace ONE Intelligence supports your deployment and management strategy
    • Explain how the Digital Employee Experience Management Solution helps improve employees' Anywhere Workspace journey
    • Explain how you can use Dashboards to access different data for your device management use cases
    • Explain how integration works to connect and share data with 3rd parties

    Workspace ONE Application Programming Interface
    • Outline the use cases for using the Workspace ONE application program interface (API)
    • Explain how to perform general Workspace ONE UEM administration and maintenance through the API
    • Explain how to perform general Workspace ONE Access administration and maintenance through the API

    Design Methodology
    • Explain the Workspace ONE business drivers and use case definition
    • Define Workspace ONE services
    • Discuss how to make architectural design decisions
    • Explain how to create component designs
    • Discuss all third-party components that are required for infrastructure design
    • Discuss the process of platform integration
    • Explain the required services for service integration
    • Explain how to design user experience


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