DB2 12 for zOS Advanced Database Administration - CV880G

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  • ETC-Seminar-ID: CV880G
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This course will introduce the student to advanced database administration skills, including program preparation and the use of packages, online schema changes, partition management, and stored procedures; as well as performance and availability features of utilities (including LOAD, REBUILD INDEX, REORG, and UNLOAD). This course does not cover distributed data processing, nor does it cover data sharing.

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Dieses Seminar richtet sich an:
Students needing to augment their skill set in administering a Db2 12 for z/OS database environment.

    expand_more chevron_right Vorkenntnisse

    Für dieses Seminar werden folgende Kenntnisse empfohlen:
    • Familiarity with the z/OS operating system, including TSO, ISPF, and SDSF
    • Familiarity with SQL DML (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and MERGE) and DDL (CREATE, ALTER, DROP) statements
    • Basic skills administering a Db2 12 for z/OS database environment, including the use of basic utilities, serialization, and basic database security

    expand_more chevron_right Detail-Inhalte

    Program preparation and the use of packages part 1
    • Program preparation overview
    • Execution time errors
    • BIND actions
    • Package status and REBIND
    • Deleting a package
    • Determining the table/view qualifier

    Online schema changes part 1
    • Changing data type
    • Adding columns to a table
    • Renaming columns in a table
    • Renaming indexes
    • Adding columns to indexes
    • Versioning

    Online schema changes part 2
    • Pending online schema changes
    • Dropping columns from a table
    • Converting to UTS
    • Other pending changes
    • Impact of pending changes on immediate options
    • Restrictions and considerations

    Partition management part 1
    • Adding partitions
    • Rotating partitions

    Partition management part 2
    • Modifying limit keys
    • Rebalancing partitions

    Stored procedures part 1
    • External stored procedures
    • WLM-established application environments
    • Altering and dropping a stored procedure
    • Commands for stored procedures
    • Execution privileges
    • Catalog information

    • LOAD with parallel index build
    • LOAD partitions in parallel
    • Inline image copies and statistics

    • Performance features of REORG
    • Online REORG
    • Inline image copies and statistics
    • Consideratons for PBG table spaces
    • Online REORG with LOBs (optional)

    • Overview
    • Image copy specification 
    • Table-only input specification
    • SHRLEVEL option
    • Modes of operation

    Program preparation and the use of packages part 2 (optional)
    • Table mirroring
    • Package versioning
    • Plan management
    • Other REBIND PACKAGE options
    • Application compatibility

    Stored procedures part 2 (optional)
    • Native stored procedures
    • Native procedure deployment
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