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Inhalt des Trainings

This video-based training comprises a total of 44 video learning nuggets on the subject of security awareness! Increasing information security and adhering to the IT security policy is a central task of the organization and, in view of the threat scenarios, can only be achieved through a high level of security awareness (awareness) of all employees.

After completing this seminar, the participants will have knowledge on the following Topics:
  • General Data Protection Regulation
  • Cyber fraud types
  • Measures for more safety


  • This VBT is aimed at all employees of a company.


No special knowledge is necessary for this video based training.


General Data Protection Regulation
  • GDPR - I'm aware
  • Introduction into data protection
  • Definition of data protection
  • Legal grounds
  • Aim of the data protection
  • Dealing with personal data
  • Data protection in practice
  • Data avoidance and data minimization
  • Transparency
  • Summary

Cyber fraud types
  • Cybercrime - I'm aware
  • Phishing - I'm aware
  • What does 'phishing' mean?
  • Am I at risk? - An insight into reality
  • Identifiying phishing attempts
  • Measures to be taken in case of phishing doubt
  • What to do when it happend?
  • Spear Phishing - I'm aware
  • Social Engineering - I'm aware
  • What does 'Social Engineering' means?
  • Measures to be taken in case of Social Engineering
  • Confidentiality
  • Pharming - I'm aware
  • Detect pharming attempts
  • Measures to be taken in case of pharming doubt
  • Drive-by Pharming - I'm aware
  • Phoraging - I'm aware
  • CEO-Fraud - I'm aware
  • How do I detect CEO-Fraud?
  • Measures to be taken in case of doubt

Measures for more safety
  • Information security - I'm aware
  • Safety in practice
  • Data and information
  • Information security criteria
  • Information security - Summary
  • Safety at work - I'm aware
  • A safe workplace
  • Clean-desk policy and efficiency
  • Clean desk rules
  • Safe workplace - Summary
  • Password security - I'm aware
  • Password security
  • Your secure password
  • Password security - Summary


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