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VBT Office 365 New Features - English


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This VBT content is available on ETC trainIT Plattform for a total of 30 days. The use of the platform is already included in the price!

Inhalt des Trainings

This video-based training comprises a total of 144 video learning nuggets on the topic of Microsoft 365 new features and makes it really easy for you to enter the world of Microsoft 365! Learn how to use the new features efficiently in everyday business as well as in your spare time and work with the new interface and menu design.

After completing this educational video, you will will have knowledge on the following Topics:
Excel 365
Word 365
PowerPoint 365
Outlook 365
Office 365


This VBT is ideal for experienced users who want to learn everything about the new version.


It would be best to have some knowledge of older Microsoft Office versions. But no deep knowledge is required.



  • Overview
  • Working with two Windows
  • Precise Selection
  • Quick Navigation
New Features
  • Quick Analysis
  • Flash Fill
  • Filtering Spreasheet Date with Slicers
  • One-click Forecasting
  • 3D Maps
  • Share prices
  • New 'Ideas' Function
  • New function: CONCAT
  • New function: IFS
  • New function: MAXIFS
  • New function: MINIFS
  • New function: SWITCH
  • New function: TEXTJOIN
  • Recommended Charts
  • New Charts
  • New diagram: Map Chart
  • Chart Tools Tab
  • Quick Optimization
  • Recommended PivotTables
  • Multiple Table Data for PivotTables
  • Quick Explore
  • Activate PowerPivot
  • Insert Timeline
  • Customize the PivotTable default layout


  • Overview
  • The Office Start Screen - Quicker Start to Work
  • New Ribbon Design
  • Microsoft Office Backstage View
  • Sharing
  • Chatting with Co-authors
  • Use @-mentions
New Features
  • Tell me what you want to do
  • Smart Lookup
  • "Dictate" Function
  • Translating texts
  • New tools for proofreading
  • Improvements to accessibility
  • Solving accessibility problems
  • Live Preview for Formatting and Pasting from the Clipboard
  • Adding recently used links
Edit Pictures
  • Inserting Screenshots
  • SmartArt-Graphic Layouts
  • Artistic Effects & Picture Correction
  • Compress Image and Delete Cropped Areas
  • Simplified background removal
  • "Transpareny" Function
  • 3D Models
  • Ink Editor
  • Convert your handwritten Ink
  • Using icons
  • Converting SVG icons into shapes


  • Overview
  • The New Navigation Bar
  • Zoom and stay zoomed
  • Get an quick overview
  • Show E-Mails & select Attachments
  • Focused Inbox
  • Customizing the inbox
New Features
  • Replying Faster
  • Use Memes
  • Have e-mails read aloud
  • Attaching files
  • Quickly Deleting a Message
  • Mark messages as read when deleted
  • Encryption options
Tips & Tricks
  • Working with Contacts in Outlook
  • Instant Search
Use your calender efficiently
  • Display three time zones
  • Never miss a reminder
  • Turn off reminders
  • Share your Calendar
  • Deactivate forwarding
  • Adding time betweend adjacent meetings


  • Overview
  • Presenter View
  • Select Different Views
New Features
  • Collaborating on the same Presentation
  • Text Highlighting
  • Screen Recording
  • The record function
  • New Designs
  • Color Dropper
  • Combining Shapes
  • Convert your handwritten Ink
  • Zoom
  • Smart Guides
  • Using Morph


  • Overview
  • Reading View
  • Backstage Area Options
New Functions
  • Expand or Collapse Headings
  • Track Changes
  • Markup and Comments with Replies
  • Alignments
  • Immersive Reader
  • Transform your document
Navigating within a Document
  • Switch Between Documents
  • Changes and New Tabs
  • Menu Ribbon Display Options
  • The Navigation Pane
  • Document View
Working in a Document
  • Opening and Editing PDF Files
  • Working with Tables - Inserting Columns & Rows
  • Using LaTeX formulas


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