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VBT Outlook 365 - English


Wichtige Information

This VBT content will be available to you on the ETC trainIT Plattform for a total of 30 days.
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Inhalt des Trainings

This video-based training comprises a total of 82 video learning nuggets around the topic of Outlook 365 where the participants learn all basics of e-mail correspondence and scheduling with Outlook.

After completing this seminar, the participants will have knowledge on the following Topics:
  • Outlook application window and basic function
  • Clarity and order
  • Collaboration
  • Create emails
  • Manage emails
  • Email security
  • The module 'People'
  • The module 'Calendar'
  • The module 'Tasks'


  • This seminar is aimed at people who want to work more with MS Outlook.


  • Microsoft Office basic knowledge


Outlook application window and basic function
  • Overview
  • Starting Outlook
  • Outlook modules at a glance
  • The Outlook application window
  • Adapting the application window view
  • Execute commands
  • Webmail
  • Summary

Clarity and order
  • Overview
  • Create and manage folders
  • Manage Outlook elements
  • Use color categories
  • Use QuickSteps
  • Use the 'Outlook Today' view

  • Overview
  • Delegate access
  • Grant permanent mailbox access
  • Work with Outlook groups
  • Share your calendar
  • Work with calendar groups
  • Out of Office
  • Summary

Create emails
  • Overview
  • Create, send and open emails
  • Add attachements to emails
  • Insert pictures in emails
  • Send hyperlinks in emails
  • Use a signature
  • Save emails as drafts
  • Resend or recall emails
  • Summary

Manage emails
  • Overview
  • The basics of receiving and processing emails
  • Edit and save received emails
  • Answer and forward emails
  • Edit emails in the navigation pane
  • Search for emails
  • Arrange emails by conversation
  • Add email delivery options
  • Filter emails
  • Manage emails by using rules
  • The focused inbox
  • Customize the navigation pane view
  • Summary

Email security
  • Overview
  • Emails security
  • Phishing
  • Block undesired emails
  • Summary

The module 'People'
  • Overview
  • The module 'People'
  • Create contacts
  • Edit and search for contact data
  • Send and receive contact data
  • Collaborate with your colleagues
  • The basics of the address book
  • Manage the address list 'Contacts'
  • Create and use contact groups
  • Edit contact groups
  • Summary

The module 'Calendar'
  • Overview
  • The module 'Calendar'
  • Customize the module 'Calendar'
  • Create and manage appointments
  • Create all-day events and appointments
  • Use the calendar effectively
  • Enter details regarding appointments
  • Activate a reminder for your appointments
  • Create recurring events
  • Plan meetings
  • Respond to meeting requests
  • Coordinate meetings
  • Summary 

The module 'Tasks'
  • Overview
  • The module 'Tasks'
  • Enter and manage tasks quickly
  • Add tasks with more details
  • Show, sort and print tasks
  • Quick overview of tasks and appointments
  • Convert tasks into appointments and vice versa
  • Summary


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