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12 Monate

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We train the latest version of the program and during the seminar we show the differences in functionality with older versions.

Alternative learning formats
  • Video Based Training (self-study)

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This seminar provides the necessary knowledge to successfully create tables with Microsoft Excel. Furthermore, easy formula calculations, as well as the different formatting variants are worked through.

After completing this seminar, participants will have knowledge on the following topics:
  • Getting to know Excel
  • First steps with Excel
  • Designing tables
  • Changing the table structure
  • Performing calculations with formulas
  • Using functions
  • Create charts
  • Printing spreadsheets
  • Tips and tricks

ETC goes green
As a contribution to conscious environmental protection, ETC has dispensed with printed documents for this seminar since 01.11.2019. Included in the seminar price is access to Video Based Trainings (VBTs): www.trainit.biz. If you would like to receive a printed document in addition to the VBT, this can be purchased from us at any time for a contribution towards costs of € 25,- (excl. VAT). Please contact us at [email protected].



This seminar is designed for people who want to get an introduction to Microsoft Excel and create various tables with Excel.
  • Information Worker


Windows basics


Get to know Excel
  • Spreadsheet calculation with Excel
  • Starting the Excel program
  • Getting to know the Excel window
  • The File tab - the Backstage view
  • Getting to know the Excel workbook
  • Getting help
First steps with Excel
  • Entering text and numbers
  • Change or delete cell contents
  • Selecting cells
  • Special features of data entry
  • Entering data quickly with the fill function
  • Calculate totals
  • Save workbooks
  • Close workbooks and exit Excel
  • Open workbooks
  • Create new workbooks
  • Working with multiple workbooks
Designing tables
  • Format cells
  • Change font, size and color
  • Change column width and row height
  • Align cell contents
  • Use line breaks and join cells
  • Use border lines and fill colors for cells
  • Assign number formats
  • Formatting tips
  • Using style sheets
  • Using conditional formatting
Changing the table structure
  • Moving and copying with the clipboard
  • Moving and copying with drag and drop
  • Inserting or deleting columns and rows
  • Hiding or showing columns and rows
  • Sort table data
  • Flash fill
Performing calculations with formulas
  • The structure of a formula
  • Entering formulas
  • Using different reference types
  • Using references to other spreadsheets
Using functions
  • The structure of a function
  • Entering functions
  • Using the function library
  • Correcting incorrect functions
Creating diagrams
  • Using charts in Excel
  • Overview of important chart types
  • Create a chart
  • Quick visualization with suggested charts
  • Swap the arrangement of chart data
  • Change size and position of a chart
  • Assign diagram layouts
  • Use diagram style sheets
  • Move diagram to a chart sheet
Printing spreadsheets
  • Printing a spreadsheet quickly
  • Use print preview
  • Making page layout settings
  • Setting up headers and footers
  • Printing tips and tricks
Tips and tricks
  • Running the spell checker
  • Finding and replacing cell contents
  • Fixing rows and columns
  • Saving workbooks in PDF format
  • Using workbooks in different versions of Excel


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