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HPE Integrity NonStop X Application Migration


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This course provides the information needed to convert applications to run on the HPE Integrity NonStop X Servers. The course starts with an overview of the hardware architecture and then covers program migration information for each of the main languages. Other topics include the debuggers available on the new systems, including a new Native Inspect debugger, a new PC hosted TNS debugger, the new linker, and changes to NSDEE. The course is 60 percent lecture and 40 percent hands-on labs using HPE Integrity NonStop X servers.

After you successfully complete this course, expect to be able to:
  • Describe the architecture used by Integrity NonStop X servers
  • Describe migration paths
  • Identify changed and discontinued products
  • Convert C/C++, pTAL, and COBOL application programs
  • Describe the xld linker
  • Describe available program debuggers
  • Discuss changes to the NonStop Development Environment for Eclipse (NSDEE)
  • Discuss the TNS Visual Debugger project properties
  • Debug applications using the Eclips debugger
  • Convert existing ETK projects to NSDEE


  • System designers, application developers, support personnel


  • Concepts and Facilities for NonStop Systems (U4147S)
  • Experience with programming  languages


Course Overview
  • Objectives
  • Schedule 

 Integrity NonStop X Systems Overview
  • NonStop X basics
  • NonStop X specifications
  • Changes from Integrity NonStop NB56000c
  • InfiniBand Interconnect 
  • CLIM types and configurations
  • Big endian and little endian
  • Changed, unchanged, and discontinued products and features

  • Unavailable  software products
  • Software products version availability
  • Operating system changes
  • Changed  software products 
  • NSDEE 7.0 changes
  • TS/MP server class launch
  • TNS/X process components

  • General considerations
  • COBOL, C/C++, xpTAL, Java compilers
  • Windows based cross-compilers 
  • Other tool names
  • Labs: compile COBOL, C/C++, xpTAL applications

Linkers and Other Tools
  • Linking with xld
  • xld inputs and outputs
  • DLL names and locations
  • Run-Time Loader 
  • Examining an object file with xnoft 
  • Object Code Accelerator (OCAX)
  • Accelerated Program Examiner (TNSVUX)
  • BINDER changes
  • Code Coverage Utility changes 
  • Labs: link multiple modules for execution; examine object files; accelerate a non-native application

  • Available debuggers
  • Changes to Native Inspect
  • NSDEE 7.0 debugger changes 
  • TNS Visual Debugger
  • Labs: using Native Inspect; using NSDEE debugger; using TNS Visual debugger

 TNS Support
  • TNS programs and tools available
  • Object Code Interpreter 
  • Debugging TNS programs
  • Program compatibility 

 General Considerations
  • Migration concerns
  • DDL dictionary conversion 
  • Third party tools
  • HPE migration services

  • Measure changes
  • Performance analysis 
  • Peek changes
  • Labs: using Peek and SCF



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