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Parallel Sysplex Implementation Workshop


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Tatsächliche Dauer: 4.5 Tage

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This course is developed for systems programmers working on an implementation of a Parallel Sysplex. It covers the details of z/OS and z/OS-related products and subsystems exploiting the Parallel Sysplex components. It is focused on the resource sharing side.

Training Paths that reference this course are:
  • z/OS and System z
  • z/OS Installation, Tuning, JES, and REXX Programming and Problem Diagnosis
  • Zielgruppen

    • This intermediate course should include system and subsystem programmers and personnel responsible for the implementation of the hardware and software for a Parallel Sysplex.


    • Installing and testing z/OS and related products
    • HCD coding
    • PARMLIB settings


    1. Day 1
      1. Welcome
      2. Unit 1: Sysplex: Overview and definitions Lab 2: Building two stand-alone systems
    2. Day 2
      1. Unit 2: Base sysplex definitions and commands
      2. Unit 3: Hardware Management Console Lab 3: Building a two system base sysplex
    3. Day 3
      1. Unit 4: Base sysplex migration to Parallel Sysplex
      2. Unit 5: Coupling Facility architecture
      3. Lab 4: Base to Parallel Sysplex migration dynamically Lab 5: Dynamically add a third CF to sysplex
    4. Day 4
      1. Lab 6: Implementation of CF exploiters
      2. Day 5
      3. Unit 6: Sysplex operation and recovery
      4. Lab recovery



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