Generative Artificial Intelligence for Business Professionals (GenAIBIZ)


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A major milestone in business automation has been reached—generative AI. Despite its recency, it has already started having a significant impact on our lives. But, the rapid pace at which generative AI is growing can be overwhelming. And, there are so many facets to this field that it can be difficult to know how to use it effectively to improve the business.
This course is designed to demystify generative AI for business professionals, as well as to trace its power to actionable, real-world business goals. It will give you the essential knowledge of generative AI you'll need to elevate the organization in these exciting times.

Course Objectives:
In this course, you will identify ways in which generative AI can bring significant value to the organization. You will:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  • Describe the fundamentals of AI and generative AI.
  • Generate text using AI.
  • Generate code using AI.
  • Generate images and video using AI.
  • Generate audio using AI.
  • Identify the challenges of generative AI.
  • Implement organizational strategies for generative AI.


This course is primarily designed for business leaders, consultants, product and project managers, and other decision makers who are interested in unlocking new business opportunities and augmenting existing business processes using generative AI. It's also a great starting point for any business professionals who want to investigate generative AI solutions for their own individual tasks and workflows. This course is also designed to assist students in preparing for the CertNexus® GenAIBIZ (Exam GAZ-110) credential.


To ensure your success in this course, you should have a foundational knowledge of business processes and general business concepts. You should also have at least a basic understanding of information technology resources and systems, including networks, computers, and other electronic devices used in the enterprise.


Lesson 1: AI Fundamentals
Topic A: AI Concepts
Topic B: Generative AI Concepts

Lesson 2: Generating Text Using AI
Topic A: Identify Text Generation Concepts
Topic B: Solve Business Problems Using Text Generation

Lesson 3: Generating Code Using AI
Topic A: Identify Code Generation Concepts
Topic B: Solve Business Problems Using Code Generation

Lesson 4: Generating Images and Video Using AI
Topic A: Identify Image and Video Generation Concepts
Topic B: Solve Business Problems Using Image and Video Generation

Lesson 5: Generating Audio Using AI
Topic A: Identify Audio Generation Concepts
Topic B: Solve Business Problems Using Audio Generation

Lesson 6: Identifying Challenges of Generative AI
Topic A: Identify Shortcomings of Generative AI
Topic B: Identify Ethical Risks of Generative AI
Topic C: Identify Business Concerns of Generative AI

Lesson 7: Implementing Business Strategies for Generative AI
Topic A: Apply Best Practices for Generative AI in the Organization
Topic B: Evaluate the Results of Generative AI Projects


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