VBT Microsoft Planner - English - VBT-PLAN-E

  • ETC-Seminar-ID: VBT-PLAN-E
  • Sprache: English


This video-based training comprises a total of 14 video-learning nuggets on the subject of Microsoft Planner. You will learn how to create a plan and how to visualize the status with Charts.

After completing this seminar, the participants will have knowledge on the following Topics:
  • Planner Basics
  • Working as a Team
  • Visualization

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This VBT content will be available to you on the ETC trainIT Plattform for a total of 90 days. The use of the platform is already included in the price! 

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This seminar is aimed to:
People who want to use Microsoft Planner effectively.

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    For this seminar no special previous knowledge is necessary.

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    Planner Basics
    • Overview
    • Creating and deleting a plan
    • Managing tasks
    • Working with buckets and labels
    • Addding and working with a checklist
    • Moving a task
    • Completing tasks

    Working as a Team
    • Overview
    • Assigning a task
    • Using files, photos or links in Planner
    • Adding comments
    • Adding details to a task

    • Overview
    • Displaying charts on the progress of your plan