VBT Microsoft SharePoint classic view - English - VBT-MSP-E

  • ETC-Seminar-ID: VBT-MSP-E
  • Sprache: English


This video-based training comprises a total of 96 video learning nuggets on the subject of SharePoint and provides the basic knowledge about the use of Microsoft SharePoint. It explains in detail the interaction of SharePoint with the Internet Explorer and the Microsoft Office programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

After completing this seminar, the participants want to have knowledge of the following topics:
  • Getting to know SharePoint 
  • Lists in SharePoint
  • Contacts in SharePoint
  • Calendar in SharePoint
  • Tasks in SharePoint
  • Surveys, Discussions, Wikis and Notifications in SharePoint
  • Document management
  • Views in SharePoint
  • SharePoint – Interaction between Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • SharePoint – Interaction with Excel
  • The SharePoint Search

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This VBT content will be available to you on the ETC trainIT Plattform for a total of 90 days. The use of the platform is already included in the price!

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This seminar is aimed to:
  • People who want to use Microsoft SharePoint effectively.

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    For this seminar no special previous knowledge is necessary.

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    • Welcome

    Getting to know SharePoint 
    • Getting to know SharePoint - Jump in
    • Overview
    • Opening and closing SharePoint  
    • The SharePoint application window
    • The Quick Launch bar 
    • Site settings
    • Setting up new headers and navigation links 
    • Finding help texts and information  
    • Summary

    Lists in SharePoint
    • Overview
    • List types 
    • Create a new list
    • Adding and editing columns 
    • Editing or deleting columns later 
    • Adding pre-configured columns and data  
    • Editing title, description and navigation later 
    • Deleting and restoring lists 
    • Summary

    Contacts in SharePoint
    • Creating a contact list  
    • Entering a contact
    • Showing all information for a contact 
    • Editing or deleting a contact later  
    • Exporting a contact as a vCard  
    • Summary

    Calendar in SharePoint
    • Creating a calendar 
    • Creating single and recurring events  
    • Editing or deleting single and recurring events later  
    • Summary

    Tasks in SharePoint
    • Tasks in SharePoint - Jump in
    • Creating a task list 
    • Creating a task 
    • Editing a task  
    • Printing a task
    • Summary

    Surveys, Discussions, Wikis and Notifications in SharePoint
    • Overview
    • Surveys - Jump in
    • Creating a survey
    • Taking part in a survey
    • Adding a question to a survey
    • Evaluating surveys
    • Creating discussion boards and discussions
    • Take part in a discussion
    • Creating a Wiki-page library
    • Creating a Wiki article 
    • Editing a  Wiki article 
    • Activating notifications
    • Summary

    Document management
    • Document management - Jump in
    • Overview
    • What is a library?
    • Creating a document library
    • Adding a document
    • Uploading documents with drag & drop
    • Moving documents 
    • Metadaten - Jump in
    • What is Metadata?
    • Defining your own Metadata
    • Viewing and editing Metadata
    • Editing Metadata using QuickEdit 
    • Restoring deleted documents
    • Activating versioning
    • Restoring an older version of a document
    • Checking out documents
    • Checking in documents
    • Setting up offline synchronisation for a library
    • Stop offline synchronisation for a library
    • Summary

    Views in SharePoint
    • Overview
    • Modifying a view
    • Changing views
    • Setting up groupings
    • Setting filters and changing sorting
    • Changing to datasheet view
    • Creating a personal view
    • Opening the Explorer view
    • Summary

    SharePoint – Interaction between Word, Excel and PowerPoint
    • Overview
    • Saving to a document library  
    • Editing documents online 
    • Metadata in Office 2016
    • Editing documents together
    • Summary

    SharePoint – Interaction with Excel
    • Overview
    • Exporting data via Excel
    • Importing Excel Workbooks as spreadsheets
    • Summary

    The SharePoint Search
    • The SharePoint Search - Jump in
    • Overview
    • Searching by term
    • Searching in lists and libraries
    • New search result alerts 
    • Personal search settings
    • Excluding sites, lists or libraries from a search
    • Summary