VBT OneNote - English - VBT-FMON-E

  • ETC-Seminar-ID: VBT-FMON-E
  • Sprache: English


This video-based training comprises a total of 47 Video Learning Nuggets on the topic of One Note and you get to know everything you need to know about OneNote. We explain the most important functions in order to use the program efficiently for your own tasks. This includes, among other things, collecting content from a wide range of file formats in OneNote, connecting to other Office products and working in a team. The newly acquired knowledge is permanently practiced in the seminar on the basis of practical exercises from the business and corporate sector.

After completing this seminar, the participants will have knowledge on the following Topics:
  • Basic techniques
  • Amending and organizing Contents
  • Structuring and searching contents
  • Working efficiently with OneNote 
  • Working in a team

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This VBT content will be available to you on the ETC trainIT Plattform for a total of 90 days. The use of the platform is already included in the price! 

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This seminar is aimed to:
  • People who want to use OneNote effectively.

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    For this seminar no special previous knowledge is necessary.

    expand_more chevron_right Detail-Inhalte

    • Introduction

    Basic techniques
    • Basic Techniques - Jump in
    • Overview
    • Application window
    • Structure and function of notebooks
    • Creating a new notebook
    • Working with sections
    • Working with pages
    • Deleting and restoring items
    • Creating and formatting texts
    • Summary

    Amending and organizing Contents
    • Amending and organizing contents - Jump in
    • Overview
    • Working with containers
    • Using tables
    • Creating drawings
    • Inserting pictures, graphics and scans
    • Defining the text in a picture as searchable 
    • Quickly adding and searching audio notes
    • Summary

    Structuring and searching Contents
    • Structuring and finding contents - Jump in
    • Overview
    • Using tags
    • Searching and finding
    • Organizing contents in lists
    • Using links
    • Summary

    Working efficiently with OneNote 
    • Working efficiently in OneNote - Jump in
    • Overview
    • Sending notes via e-mail 
    • Adding meeting details to OneNote 
    • Creating Outlook-tasks
    • Exporting contents
    • Setting options to print and view 
    • Sending contents from other apps to OneNote 
    • Using website notes 
    • Using linked notes
    • Summary

    Working in a team
    • Working in a team - Jump in
    • Overview
    • Defining users
    • Syncing contents
    • Sharing contents
    • Password protecting contents
    • Restoring a backup
    • Working in a team 
    • Summary