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VBT Microsoft Teams Basic - English (VBT-MTB-E)

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Dauer: 107 Minuten
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Info: This VBT content will be available to you on the ETC trainIT Plattform for a total of 90 days.
The use of the platform is already included in the price!
This video-based training comprises a total of 62 video learning nuggets on the subject of Microsoft Teams!
With these VBTs, we'll show you how to build a team with Microsoft Teams and collaborate effectively with your colleagues. With Planner and OneNote, you have a good overview of your tasks and can quickly and easily exchange documents and information in a Team.

After completing this seminar, the participants will have knowledge on the following Topics:
  • First Steps in Microsoft Teams
  • Create and manage a team
  • Work using Microsoft Teams
  • Conversations in Microsoft Teams
  • Documents in Microsoft Teams
  • Meetings and VoIP calls
  • Command box and Activity feed
  • Combining other applications with Microsoft Teams
  • OneNote and Wikis in MS Teams
  • T-Bots, Apps and tabs

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This seminar is aimed to:
  • People who want to use  Microsoft Teams Basic effectively.


For this seminar no special previous knowledge is necessary.


First Steps in Microsoft Teams
  • What is Microsoft Teams?
  • Overview
  • Microsoft Teams Web App
  • Getting to know the Microsoft Teams user interface
  • Settings in Microsoft Teams
  • Accessibility, voice output and keyboard shortcuts
  • Data protection in Microsoft Teams
  • Logging in and out of Microsoft Teams 
  • Updates, help and feedback

Create and manage a team
  • Overview
  • Creating a team
  • Editing a team later
  • Changing the team name, @ mentioning team members
  • Managing a team 
  • Inviting members to a team and joining other teams
  • Inviting people from your organization to Microsoft Teams 
  • Inviting guests to your teams
  • Joining public teams
  • Leaving a team as a member
  • Deleting a team 
  • Summary

Work using Microsoft Teams
  • Availability status
  • Working with channels
  • Renaming and deleting channels 
  • Sending emails in channels
  • Marking elements as Favorites

Conversations in Microsoft Teams
  • Conversations in Microsoft Teams – Jump in
  • @ Mentions
  • Activating a subject line in a conversation
  • Message design 
  • Emoji, memes, stickers and Gifs
  • Threading
  • Chats in Microsoft Teams 
  • Using chat history
  • Searching for and filtering messages

Documents in Microsoft Teams
  • Documents in Microsoft Teams – Jump in
  • Editing documents
  • Sharing documents with team members
  • Managing documents
  • Adding cloud storage services

Meetings and VoIP call
  • Meetings and VoIP calls – Jump in
  • Overview
  • Team meetings in Microsoft Teams
  • Meetings in Microsoft Teams
  • Making calls in Microsoft Teams
  • Summary

Combining other applications with Microsoft Teams
  • Using the command box
  • Using the Actvity Feed
  • Overview
  • Combining other applications with Microsoft Teams
  • Summary 

OneNote and Wikis in MS Teams
  • Overview
  • Using OneNote with Microsoft Teams
  • Wikis in Microsoft Teams
  • Summary

T-Bots, Apps and tabs
  • Using T-Bots – Jump in
  • Overview
  • Bots in Microsoft Teams
  • Who in Microsoft Teams
  • Tabs in Microsoft Teams
  • Apps in Microsoft Teams
  • Summary 
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