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IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1 (former TSM) Update- Workshop


Wichtige Information

The workshop will be held by an IBM certified instructor. Training materials will be in English.

Inhalt des Trainings

This workshop is intended for TSM technical professionals, storage administrators and operators who would like to get an understanding of the new key IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1 (or later!) features.     Project managers or consultants may also benefit. A VMWare workshop-Image will be used for hands-on exercises.

For the workshop, the current TSM/ISP software versions will always be used at the time of the implementation.

Nach Abschluss dieses Seminars haben die Teilnehmer*innen Wissen zu folgenden Themen:
Multi-TSM/ISP environment - Replication between TSM/ISP servers
  • Establish BA Client Replication between two TSM/ISP servers (SRS (Source Replication Server)  & TRS (Target Replication Server))
  • Use & understand the different replication techniques: “Node Replication”, “Protect Stgpool" & the new possibility of using a “Define Stgrule xx actiontype=replication” (SRS & two TRS)
  • Automatic BA Client failover tests to TWO TRS
TSM/ISP integrated Servermon feature – how it works and how to get out Servermon infos from TSM/ISP DB2 database

BA Client: describe and use the latest Web Server access possibilities (“Self Service”) for backup, archive, restore & retrieve via a Web Browser Access.

Additional Policy-Management capabilities with Retention Sets  &  Retention Rules

Describe and use directory container pools
  • Audit- , repair-, defrag chunk processes and handling / manipulate chunk/extent-sizes
  • Move container(s) using TSM/ISP scripts/selects
  • Convert stgpool command 

Describe and use the possibility of generating node-level data deduplication reports

Describe and use the possibility of de-  &  re-commissioning a BA client node

Describe operation center improvements – e.g.:
  • Problem Determ. improvements –  simple Activity Log Search with Active/Completed Tasks 
  • Reporting Wizard
Describe the capabilities of  the Representational State Transfer (REST) API (part of CMS (Client Management Service) / OC (Operation Center))  & and new CMS  integration for BA Client >= 8.1.13 level (e.g.: no separate installation needed any more)

Describe the different TSM/ISP storage pool types and their usage (optionally describe the connection / data transfer possibilities between TSM/ISP and SPP (IBM Spectrum Protect Plus)
  • In this context: describe the new OSSM (Open Snap Store Manager) feature for a DIRECT connection between a TSM/ISP container storage pool & SPP without using SPP VSNAP pools (tech. preview in TSM/ISP 8.1.15).
Describe Storage Rules for e.g. “Audit Container”, “Copy & Tiering” of container pool data to other storage pools 

Use the TLS 1.3  - gsk8capicmd_64  command to manage TSM/ISP certificates

Describe DB2 Database – Table/Index – processes  and use IBM supplied “Analyse” Perl script


  • Skill level: intermediate


You should have a good understanding of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager administration tasks.


  1. Describe and use the new container storage pool type with subcategories of directory and cloud container
  2. Describe and use the new next generation server side inline deduplication
  3. Decscribe and use the new storage pool level replication and recovery of damaged extents/data
  4. Describe and use the new possibility of generating node-level data deduplication reports
  5. Describe and use the new possibility of decommissioning a BA client node
  6. Describe and work with operation center improvements
  7. Describe and work with BA client CMS (client management service) improvements
  8. Describe the capabilities of new Representational State Transfer (REST) API (part of CMS)
  9. And more…



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  • 11.05.2023

    Hervorragender und sehr interessanter Kurs.

    — Günther K.
  • 30.09.2020

    spannend und interessant wie immer

    — Gerald K.
  • 30.09.2020

    Informativ und kurzweilig, wie immer halt bei MM ;)

    — Helmut F.
  • 25.09.2019


    — Harald B.
  • 27.02.2019

    SUPER wie immer bei ETC und Michi Malitz

    — Otto C.