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Trainer: Antonio Turkovic 

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Inhalt des Trainings

The SQL Server Hands-On troubleshooting workshop provides the knowledge and methods to troubleshoot, identify and solve issues on a Microsoft Azure VM (IaaS) or on-premises SQL Server instance. Through lecture, white-board discussions, and scenario-based instruction, this three-day workshop covers individual approaches for troubleshooting problems and explores the tools available to monitor, troubleshoot and identify the root cause of issues.
Each day presents scenarios designed to provide participants with in-depth expertise, tools and hands-on experience to help troubleshoot specific SQL Server issues.

After completing this training, students will be able to:
  • Understand the tools that can help troubleshoot SQL Server.
  • Understand how to approach different troubleshooting scenarios.
  • Identify and correct common administrative problems.
  • Collect and analyze performance data in order to form an educated hypothesis about reasons for SQL Server issues.
  • Identify action plans to troubleshoot different components and areas of SQL Server.
  • Implement action plan/fixes and confirm the changes made repair the issue.


Day 1
  • Introduction and Overview
  • Capturing Data with Different Techniques

Day 2
  • Troubleshooting and solving the problems

Day 3
  • Troubleshooting and solving the problems 

Performance Troubleshooting
A wide variety of common performance issues will be encountered in the class. Students can expect to learn the tools and methods for identifying poorly performing queries. Once the problem statements have been identified, students will learn execution plan analysis as well as techniques for query optimization. Common scenarios the students will encounter includes (but is not limited to):
  • Parameter sniffing
  • Missing indexes
  • Cursor analysis
  • User-defined function rewrites
  • Cardinality mis-estimations
  • Index design
  • Blocking

Administration Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting and solving common SQL Server administration issues is at the core of what most Database Administrators do daily. This class explores several common SQL Server Administration issues. Once the administrative issues have been identified, students will learn the tips and tricks for solving them quickly and effectively. Common administrative scenarios the students will encounter includes (but is not limited to):
  • Point-in-time database restore
  • Perfmon analysis
  • Database space savings
  • Encryption
  • Security issues
  • Solving Corruption
  • Configuration problems
  • Connectivity issues


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