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Windows PowerShell: Tool Building


Wichtige Information

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Inhalt des Trainings

The WorkshopPLUS provides attendees with a deep dive using PowerShell. It covers various topics that are designed to enable the attendee to create advanced content with PowerShell. Modules are organized by scenario and designed to provide participants with expertise, tools and hands-on experience with Windows PowerShell version 5.0 and above.

After completing this training, students will be able to:
  • Create advanced functions
  • Create Classes in PowerShell
  • Work with the debugger
  • Work with code in GIT repositories
  • Create GUI based PowerShell code


Target experience, expectations and qualifications, for example:
  • IT staff who have taken the PowerShell Foundation Skills course
  • Work with PowerShell on a day to day basis


Module 1: Knowledge Refresh
  • Script Basics, Flow Control and Functions
  • Object Models and Regular Expressions

Module 2: Advanced Functions
  • Basic functions and parameters
  • CmdletBinding attribute and properties
  • Returning Objects and pipeline
  • Dynamic parameters

Module 3: Mastering Parameters
  • Attributes and special parameters
  • Validation and risk mitigation
  • Comment-based help
  • OutputType()

Module 4: Classes
  • What is a class
  • Work with Methods and advanced object features

Module 5: Error Handling
  • Introduction
  • Streams and Write-Host
  • Working with the ErrorRecord Object
  • Terminating and Non-Terminating Errors
  • Try-Catch

Module 6: Debugging
  • Introduction and Basics
  • Console and ISE debugging
  • Advanced Debugging

Module 7: Git Introduction
  • DevOps and Git
  • Source Control and Changes
  • Git Repository

Module 8: Git Intermediate
  • Push and Pull
  • Branch/Merging

Module 9: Runspaces
  • Overview and Commands
  • Classes and Methods
  • Creation and Initialization
  • Invoke and Remoting
  • Debugging and Pools

Module 10: Create a GUI in PowerShell
  • The presentation Framework
  • Visual Studio
  • Graphical User Interface and GUI Design
  • Code behind a Form and Advanced Techniques



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