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Office 365: SharePoint Online Troubleshooting


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Trainer: Catalin Chirea   Dieser Kurs wird von einem internationalen Experten von Microsoft Premier Services gehalten und in Kooperation mit ETC angeboten. Für bestehende Microsoft Premier Kunden ist eine Direktbuchung über Ihr Technical Account Management möglich.

Inhalt des Trainings

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The Office 365: SharePoint Online Troubleshooting Workshop is a two-day course that teaches you how to troubleshoot Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online. Each module is organized by scenario and is designed to provide students with expertise, tools, and hands-on experience to understand and work with specific SharePoint Online services and SharePoint Online client workloads.

After completing this training, students will be able to:
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the features and capabilities for Troubleshooting SharePoint Online.
  • Take what you’ve learned in the classroom and apply it to everyday administration with SharePoint Online.
  • Learn reliable methods of Troubleshooting SharePoint Online.


Target experiences, expectations, and qualifications are included in the following examples:
  • IT staff who have designed, deployed, or managed a SharePoint environment for at least one year
  • Currently working as SharePoint Administrators
  • Microsoft Certified System Engineers


  • Expected knowledge base, for example, knowledge of databases, networking, scripting, etc. 


Module 1: Overview for troubleshooting SharePoint Online
In this module, you will understand the following overview for troubleshooting:
  • Introduction to Troubleshooting for SharePoint Online
  • Importance of Diagnostic Data • Introduction to Connection types to SharePoint Online
  • Network Request Flow

Module 2: Administration Tools for SharePoint Online
In this module, you will understand how to use the following tools:
  • Services health
  • Message center
  • SharePoint Admin Center
  • SharePoint Online Management Shell

Module 3: Troubleshooting Network Performance issues on SharePoint Online
  • Tenant network flow - Deep Dive
  • Tool: Speedtest.net
  • Tool: Fiddler • Tool : O365 Network Onboarding
  • Tool: IE Developer tool (F12)
  • Tool: Page Diagnostic for SPO
  • Tool: Developer Dashboard for SPO
  • Tool: Wireshark

Module 4: Troubleshooting SharePoint Online Configuration
In this module, you will understand how to troubleshoot the following topics:
  • Performance troubleshooting plan
  • Root Site Collection
  • User Management
  • Classic vs Modern
  • Web Part Maintenance
  • Modern Pages Performance Guidelines
  • Modernization Scanner

Module 5: Troubleshooting SharePoint Online Misc.
In this module, you will understand how to troubleshoot the following topics:
  • External Sharing
  • OneDrive for Business Sync Client
  • Workflow / Power Automate

Module 6: Reporting Tools for SharePoint Online
In this module, you will understand how to troubleshoot the following topics.
  • Office 365 Audit Log
  • Usage Reports (SharePoint/OneDrive) 


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