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Microsoft Azure: Hybrid Identity


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Trainer: Andreas Michelfeit

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Inhalt des Trainings

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This offering provides you with the knowledge to successfully extend on-premises AD DS to cloud so that your users can sign on seamlessly across all in-house applications and applications hosted in the cloud and Office 365.
This workshop is essential for you if you have device management for authentication and authorization requirements for your business or have end-to -end Identity Management Lifecycle requirements.

  • Study the challenges an organization can have managing Apps, Devices, Users and Data.
  • Discuss how a Hybrid Identity enables users to access their data anywhere with SSO and self-service experiences while protecting data by enforcing strong authentication, conditional access control, SSO and ensuring compliance with  governance,  attestation and reporting.
  • Examine how to use Azure AD Connect to connect to Azure AD/Office 365 and extend the on-premises ADDS and other local directories to Azure AD.


Für dieses Seminar werden folgende Kenntnisse empfohlen:

  • Relevant roles for Microsoft Office 365 Infrastructure, Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), Microsoft Hybrid, and Cloud Identity
Skill Requirement
  • Basic knowledge on Active Directory Domain Services.
Time Commitment
  • Four full-day engagement. It  is  recommended  to attend the entire engagement.

Delivery Requirement
  • Computer with Windows 10 or later, audio equipment, internet access and at least 1 Mbps bandwidth per participant
  • Microsoft/Windows Live ID to connect to the virtual environment
  • Microsoft Teams for remote deliveries
  • A modern browser capable of rendering web sites using current web standards


Cloud Identity Framework
  • IT challenges and Microsoft Approach
  • Azure Active Directory and the major components; Identity management using the portal and PowerShell

Identity synchronization
  • Azure AD synchronization concepts, Connect configuration options, and Connect advanced configuration
Authentication options
  • Password synchronization
  • Active Directory Federation Services, Pass-through authentication, seamless single sign-on, Modern Authentication, and Alternate Login ID

Azure AD Management
  • Application and group management, Azure AD application proxy, password management

Azure AD Security
  • Protecting identities through features like Smart Account Lockouts, MFA, Azure Information protection, and protecting applications using features like Conditional Access and disabling legacy authentication
  • Security auditing and activity reports; Azure AD Connect Health
  • Devices Concepts and Scenarios
  • Configure the use of devices and joining; Troubleshoot device registration



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