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Enterprise Mobile Device Management with Microsoft Intune


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Trainer: Michael Freistetter

Dieser Kurs wird von einem internationalen Experten von Microsoft Premier Services gehalten und in Kooperation mit ETC angeboten. Für bestehende Microsoft Premier Kunden ist eine Direktbuchung über Ihr Technical Account Management möglich.

Inhalt des Trainings

Learn how to use Microsoft Intune to manage applications and devices from the cloud. The WorkshopPLUS addresses the specific needs within the customer environment in terms of Enterprise Mobile Device Management (MDM), organizational constraints and processes/operational infrastructure architectures and business solutions.

After completing this training, students will be able to:
  • Understand the evolution to modern workplace
  • Learn about Microsoft’s solution to simplify mobile and PC management
  • Learn about Microsoft Intune overview and capabilities
  • Understand the Microsoft 365 Endpoint Management portal
  • Understand Requirements for Microsoft Intune
  • Learn about usage scenarios for iOS and Android
  • Understand how to enroll iOS and Android devices
  • Understand Application Deployment in Intune
  • Understand Application Protection technology
  • Understand Intune Device and Application Profiles
  • Get a basic understanding of certificate deployment scenarios
  • Understand device compliance
  • Understand conditional access scenarios
  • Understand Intune Role based Access
  • Understand the modern reporting framework
  • Troubleshooting actions in Intune and Company Portal app
  • Manage device actions like wipe, retire and delete, passcode reset, remote lock and many more
  • Accessing Intune data through Microsoft Graph 
Device Requirement
  • Bring an Android (9 or higher) or/and iOS (13 or higher) devices for the labs (Devices may be factory reset during the workshop)
  • Using a device emulator is not recommended. Labs are not tested against any emulator. (https://aka.ms/Android-Studio)


To ensure the high-quality knowledge transfer to attendees of this three-day WorkshopPLUS we recommend this prerequisites
Understanding of the fundamentals for iOS and Android platforms


Module 1: Introduction to Enterprise Mobile Device Management
  • Evolution to Modern device management
  • Introduction to Microsoft Intune and its features

Module 2: Configuration and Device Enrollment
  • Integration between Microsoft Azure AD, Microsoft Intune, and Microsoft Office 365
  • How to configure Intune for device enrollment and enroll iOS, Android into MDM

Module 3: Application Management
  • How to deploy Apple and Android apps to mobile devices
  • Learn about Line of Business application, deep-link apps and web-apps deployment

Module 4: Application Protection Policies
  • Understand Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) Scenarios
  • Learn about Application Protection Policy enforcement scenarios in in Microsoft Intune

Module 5: Device Profiles
  • Device Configuration Profiles deployment such as Wi-Fi, Email, Certificate, VPN Profiles to devices
  • Basic Understanding of Certificate deployment
  • Application configuration profiles

Module 6: Company Policies and Conditional Access
  • Understand Device Compliance
  • Learn how to user Conditional Access for Office 365 services

Module 7: Role Based Access Control
  • Understand the concepts of Distributed IT and Role based access to Intune Recourses

Module 8: Monitoring, Logging & Reporting:
  • Learn about Intune internal auditing and endpoint health
  • Utilize reports about device compliance, health and trends using Azure Log Analytics and Intune Data Warehouse leveraging Power BI

Module 9: Managing Device Lifecycle
  • Reviewing Troubleshooting technics, using device actions and accessing Intune data and settings through Microsoft Graph 


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  • 27.11.-29.11.2023 27.11.2023 3 Tage 3T Wien
    Trainer - Michael Freistetter
    Course language - German

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