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Microsoft Endpoint Manager: Advanced Concepts and Cloud Services


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Trainer: Herbert Fuchs
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Inhalt des Trainings

This Microsoft Endpoint Manager: Advanced Concepts and Cloud Services WorkshopPLUS provides students with an in-depth technical knowledge of the advanced features of Microsoft Endpoint Manager through hands-on labs and instructor-led training sessions.
This WorkshopPLUS focuses on the following aspects of Configuration Manager:
  • Cloud Management Gateway
  • Cloud Attach – Co-Management and Tenant attach
  • Autopilot
  • Compliance Settings
  • Application Deployment
  • Desktop and Endpoint Analytics
  • CMPivot Objectives

After completing this training, students will be able to:
  • Understand and deploy the Cloud Management Gateway to support Internet clients through Azure
  • Enable Cloud attach for Windows 10 devices to concurrently manage Windows 10 devices by using both Configuration Manager and Intune with CoManagement and Tenant attach
  • Use Autopilot to revolutionize the way new devices get deployed, reset and repurposed, with an experience that is zero-touch for IT
  • Assess compliance settings and remediate computers that are noncompliant
  • Modern application deployment and troubleshooting using executables, MSI, MSIX and Win32 Apps from Intune
  • Make more informed decisions about the update readiness of Windows clients using Desktop Analytics
  • Review performance data with Endpoint Analytics
  • Access to real-time state of devices in your environment with CMPivot feature


To ensure the high-quality knowledge transfer to attendees of this three-day WorkshopPLUS, the class size is limited to students who meet the following criteria:
  • Intermediate to advanced knowledge of Windows operating systems
  • Intermediate to advanced knowledge of Microsoft Endpoint Manager or successful completion of Microsoft Premier WorkshopPLUS: Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager Admin Concepts and Cloud Services
  • At least one year of experience in working with Microsoft Endpoint Manager


Module 1: Microsoft Endpoint Manager: Cloud Management Gateway: This module covers prerequisites, deployment and architecture of the Cloud Management Gateway. This feature helps managing clients over the Internet in a simple way by leveraging Azure Cloud Services.

Module 2: Microsoft Endpoint Manager: Cloud Attach – Co-Management and Tenant attach: This module explains how to take advantage of Cloud functionality to co-manage Windows 10 devices using Intune, Azure and Configuration Manager. Provides a bridge from traditional to modern management and gives you a path to make the transition using a phased approach. Co-Management and Tenant attach are the main features covered.

Module 3: Microsoft Endpoint Manager: Autopilot: Experience Autopilot to provision devices using our modern cloud-based solutions with minimal user interaction instead of maintaining custom images that require a lot of administrative effort.

Module 4: Microsoft Endpoint Manager: Compliance Settings: This module describes how to use Configuration Manager to assess compliance of settings and configurations. It also discusses how to monitor for drift and remediate non-compliant settings.

Module 5: Microsoft Endpoint Manager: Application Deployment: This module describes the application model and how an administrator can deploy software transitioning to a state-based user-targeted approach with self-service through the new Software Center. It also covers modern app management through conversion and deployment of MSIX applications and Win32 Apps through Intune.

Module 6: Desktop and Endpoint Analytics: This module demonstrates the prerequisites and configuration steps to enable Desktop Analytics as cloud-based service that integrates with Configuration Manager. It shows how to use the features to make more informed decisions about the update readiness of your Windows clients by combining data from your organization with data aggregated from millions of devices connected to Microsoft cloud services. It also goes through the Endpoint Analytics reports to review performance data of your devices.

Module 7: CMPivot: This module describes the CMPivot feature, prerequisites, UI, and how the feature works, assisted with demonstrations on executing real-time queries with client data. The module also includes a brief introduction of Kusto query language used in CMPivot, and possible use case scenarios through Hands-on Labs


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    Trainer - Fuchs Herbert
    Language - German
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