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Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager: Admin Concepts and Cloud Services


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Trainer: Herbert Fuchs

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Inhalt des Trainings

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This System Center Configuration Manager: Admin Concepts and Cloud Services WorkshopPLUS will provide participants with the knowledge on the fundamentals of Configuration Manager, through an instructor-led training and hands-on labs. This WorkshopPLUS focuses on the following aspects of Configuration Manager:
  • Introduction to SCCM
  • Deployment
  • Updates and Servicing
  • Configuring Discoveries and Deploying Clients
  • Inventory, Asset Intelligence, Software Metering and Remote Control
  • Collections and Queries • Deploying Applications
  • Deploying Updates
  • Console Security
  • Client Health
  • Backup and Recovery (Optional)


This workshop focuses on introduction to Configuration Manager, overview of site deployment, how to configure discovery and deploy clients, clients inventory, Asset Intelligence, software metering, remote control, console security, collections and queries, application deployment, software update management, client health, update and servicing, and backup recovery.

After completing this training, students will be able to:
  • Understand Configuration Manager site/system functionalities.
  • Manage client computers by updating and securing them.
  • Monitor the client health.
  • Deploy applications. 


     Recommended Qualifications
  • To ensure the high-quality knowledge transfer to attendees of this four-day WorkshopPLUS, the class size is limited to 16 students who meet the following criteria:
  • Basic knowledge of Windows operating systems
  • Knowledge of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

Hardware Requirements
  • Intel Core-i5 or higher based PC
  • USB port
  • Microsoft/Windows Live ID to connect to the virtual environment
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 50 GB free disk space
  • 10 Mbps or faster network adapter
  • Windows 7 SP1 or later
  • Office 2013 Professional Plus
  • Internet access with at least 2 Mbps bandwidth per student.
  • TCP Port 443 must be open



Day 1
  • Module 1: Introduction to Configuration Manager
  • Module 2: Deploying Configuration Manager
  • Module 3: Updates and Servicing
Day 2
  • Module 4: Discovery and Deploying Clients
  • Module 5: Inventory, Asset Intelligence, Software Metering and Remote Control
  • Module 6: Collections and Queries
Day 3
  • Module 7: Deploying Applications
  • Module 8: Deploying Software Updates
Day 4
  • Module 9: Console Security
  • Module 10: Client Health
  • Module 11: Backup and Recovery
Plan for four full days. Early departure on any day is not recommended.

Course Details
Module 1:
Introduction to System Center Configuration Manager: This module introduces the new features in System Center Configuration Manager.

Module 2: Deploying System Center Configuration Manager: This module covers the overview of site deployment and site systems.

Module 3: Updates and Servicing: This module explains the new updates and the servicing model introduced in the new version of Configuration Manager.

Module 4: Configuring Discoveries and Deploying Clients: This module describes the discoveries and client deployment.

Module 5: Inventory, Asset Intelligence, Software Metering, and Remote Control: This module covers hardware and software inventory, configuring Asset Intelligence components, enabling, customizing, and reporting software metering, and remote control.

Module 6: Collections and Queries: This module discusses collections and queries and the collectionspecific client agent policy. It also provides an overview of maintenance window. 

Module 7: Deploying Applications: This module covers creating and deploying software distribution and content management.

Module 8: Deploying Software Updates: This module introduces software updates management and patch management.

Module 9: Console Security: This module provides as overview of console security in System Center Configuration Manager and explains role-based administration.

Module 10: Client Health: This module provides an introduction to client status, monitoring, auto-remediation, in-console client status reporting and the client health service.

Module 11: Backup and Recovery (Optional): This module provides an overview of the backup feature and the recovery methods and scenarios. 


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  • 08.01.-11.01.2024 08.01.2024 4 Tage 4T online
    Trainer - Herbert Fuchs
    Course language - German

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