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Azure Cost Optimization


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Trainer: Diana Papancea

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Inhalt des Trainings

This 2-day offering is designed to provide you with the knowledge to understand the key principles of Azure Cost concepts that can be used for Management and Planning. You will learn about Azure Cloud financial management and how to approach, manage and optimize cloud expenditures. This offering introduces you to some basic concepts of Microsoft Azure WellArchitected Framework (WAF) and Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) for cost.

Understanding of Microsoft Azure cost & billing
Understand Azure cost and workload’s cost profile

Provide you with knowledge on:
  • Azure RBAC cost and azure administration cost
  • Billing hierarchy, tagging and policies
  • Budgets and alerts
  • Resource optimization
  • Azure Reservations
  • Azure Savings Plan
  • When to apply Reservations Vs Saving plan
  • Future of Cost services from Azure point of view
  • Hybrid Benefits
  • Garbage collection
  • Data lifecycle management
  • Dev/test environment
  • Azure cost best practices
  • Azure Advisor
  • Azure Score Cost
  • Understand your Azure subscriptions cost profile
  • Cost vs Performance vs Availability
  • Log and operation cost


  • Solution / Product Owner
  • Enterprise Admin
  • Finance Owner
  • Application owner


  • Basic Experience in Microsoft Azure Administration
  • Basic Understanding of Microsoft Azure cost & billing


Day 1 - Understand workload´s cost profile
  • Basic Azure Cost concept
  • Resource optimization knowledge transfer
  • Waste Reduction knowledge transfer
  • Dev/test environment knowledge

Day 2 - Understand Azure Cost
  • Billing hierarchy, tagging and policies
  • Budgets and alerts
  • Azure advisor and azure score for cost
  • Azure Reservations knowledge transfer
  • Hybrid Benefits knowledge transfer
  • Azure Reservations, Azure Savings Plan and Hybrid Benefit combination Opportunities


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  • 21.11.-22.11.2023 21.11.2023 2 Tage 2T online Online
    Trainer - Diana Papancea
    Course language - English
    Remote Training

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