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IBM InfoSphere Information Server Administrative Tasks V11.5


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This course gets those charged with administering Information Server v11.5 and its suite of many products and components started with the basic administrative tasks necessary to support Information Server users and developers. The course begins with a functional overview of Information Server and the products and components that support these functions. Then it focuses on the basic administrative tasks an Information Server administrator will need to perform including user management, session management, and reporting management tasks. The course covers both the use of Information Server administrative clients such as the Administration Console and Metadata Asset Manager and the use of command line tools such as istool and encrypt.

Nach Abschluss dieses Seminars haben die Teilnehmer Wissen zu folgenden Themen:
  • List Information Server functional categories and the Information Server products and components that support them
  • List and describe the Information Server architectural tiers
  • Access Information Server clients, including thin clients using the Information Server Launch Pad, the Information Server Engine clients, and the Information Server Console clients including Information Analyzer and Information Services Director
  • Create and configure Information Server users and groups
  • Manage Information Server active sessions
  • Manage Information Server reporting
  • Work with Information Server command-line tools including tools for session administration, user and group management, and encryption
  • Use the istool functionality to query, export, and import Information Server Repository assets


    This basic course is for those who will be administering Information Server and its product components.


    There are no pre-requisites for this course.


  1. Unit 1: Information Server technical overview
    1. List the Information Server functional categories
    2. List the Information Server products and components that support these functional categories
    3. List the Information Server architectural tiers
  2. Unit 2: Working with Information Server clients
    1. Use the Information Server Launch Pad to access Information Server thin clients including the Administrative Console, Information Governance Catalog, and Metadata Asset Manager
    2. Access Information Server Engine Clients including DataStage, QualityStage, FastTrack, and Information Server Manager
    3. Access Information Server Console Clients including Information Analyzer and Information Services Director
  3. Unit 3: Authentication and suite security
    1. Configure Suite users and groups
    2. Configure DataStage credentials for Engine users
  4. Unit 4: Session management
    1. View a list of active sessions
    2. View session properties
    3. Disconnect sessions
    4. Configure global session properties
  5. Unit 5: Managing reports
    1. Create and manage report folders
    2. Create a report
    3. Run a report
    4. View report results
  6. Unit 6: Administrative tools
    1. Session Admin tool
    2. Directory Command tool
    3. Encrypt tool
  7. Unit 7: Managing Information Server repository assets
    1. Use istool to export and import common metadata assets
    2. Use istool to query information assets
    3. Use istool to export and import security assets
    4. Use istool to export and import reporting assets



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