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HPE Storage: Containers and Automation


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This course provides hands-on learning for developers and administrators who create automation and integration applications. The course focuses on automating container applications using HPE storage arrays and:
• HPE modules for Ansible-enabled automated storage provisioning
• an SDK to communicate with the HPE storage array over the WSAPI REST interface
• the HPE Volume Plugin for Docker that provides persistent storage for your containerized applications and popular container platforms like Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift
• the tools and techniques to automate deployment of an application in Kubernetes with persistent storage

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Demonstrate the use of the WSAPI REST interface
  • Configure and use a Docker environment using the Docker storage plugin
  • Configure a Kubernetes environment that uses HPE Primera/3PAR storag


  • Developers and administrators who create automation and integration applications


  • Basic storage concepts
  • Virtualization concepts, including Docker and Kubernetes
  • Scripting or coding


Course Overview
  • Course overview and objectives
  • How this course benefits students

Overview of Automating HPE Storage for a Container Environment
  •  Benefits of HPE storage for containers
  •  Containers and storage plugins overview – Challenges in providing storage in a container environment – Use cases—DevOps CI/CD pipeline, IT operations, lift and shift, CaaS – Storage operations for containers – The need for a storage plug-in

Using the Storage API
  •  Storage API objects overview
  •  Using the API for storage management
  •  Exercise: Using Curl to make API calls to storage API
  •  Exercise: Creating scripts to manage storage using the API

Using PowerShell
  • Overview of PowerShell
  • Using PowerShell Invoke-RestMethod to access the storage API
  • Exercise: Create and run PowerShell scripts to access the storage API
  • Exercise: Install and use an HPE storage PowerShell toolkit to create scripts

Using Ansible Automation for Storage Management
  • Installing and configuring Ansible modules for storage
  • Creating and managing storage volumes using Ansible playbooks
  • Exercise: Orchestrating storage with Ansible playbooks

Docker and Storage
  • Docker and storage overview
  • HPE Volume Plugin for Docker overview
  • Deploying the plugin
  • Storage operations in Docker

Kubernetes and Storage
  • Kubernetes overview
  • Storage in Kubernetes
  • Storage plugins for Kubernetes
  • Automated storage provisioning
  • Exercise: Setting the default storage class
  • Exercise: Deploying an application with automated volume creation and attachment
  • Exercise: Volume replication, backup and recovery operations



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