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HPE Nimble I: Management and Local Replication


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Using hands-on labs, this course teaches students how to perform common management tasks, including array installation, volume creation, and data protection/recovery using snapshots. This course also covers system monitoring basics using Nimble Storage’s InfoSight.

At the conclusion of this course, the student should be able to:
  • Perform initial configuration of a new array with NSM and GUI
  • Perform post-installation tests 
  • Create volumes and zero-copy clones 
  • Attach and verify volumes/clones to Windows 
  • Create and modify data protection policies for volumes 
  • Restore volumes and individual files from a snapshot 
  • Use the Nimble GUI to monitor array capacity/performance


Customers, administrators and channel partner sales or technical sales


none required


Course Introduction andOverview 
  • Agenda  
  • Documentation  
  • Capacity units

AF and HF-Series Hardware 
  • Portfolio overview  
  • AF-Series controllers and enclosures  
  • HF-Series controllers and enclosures

Array Initialization and Setup 
  • Networking overview
  • Nimble Setup Manager
  • Initialization
  • Setup
  • Post-setup test
  • Basic events monitoring

HPE Nimble StorageOS WebUI Introduction 
  • How to access
  • Tour User management
  • Basic monitoring

Working with HPE Nimble Storage Volumes
  • Concepts 
  • Provisioning and performance policies 
  • Access control and initiator groups 
  • Volume collections 
  • Space reclamation theory introduction 
  • Protection templates overview 
  • Presentation 
  • QoS and volume pinning 
  • HPE Nimble Storage Windows Toolkit 
  • HPE Nimble Storage Connection Manager

Architecture and Advanced Features Overview  
  • Read and write operations 
  • Nimble FS 
  • Triple+ Parity RAID  
  • Sparing 
  • Deduplication
  • Encryption

HPE Nimble Storage SmartSnap 
  • Concepts 
  • Protection templates 
  • App synchronization 
  • Schedules 
  • Manual snapshots 
  • Clone 
  • Data recovery

Introduction to HPE Nimble Storage Replication
  • Remote replication options overview 
  • Supported replication topologies 
  • Peer persistence overview 
  • Next training direction

Introduction to HPE Nimble Scaling 
  • Scale-to-fit options overview 
  • Next training direction

Introduction to Support and HPE InfoSight 
  • Concepts 
  • Architecture 
  • Benefits



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