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Implementing HPE Composable Infrastructure Solutions, Rev. 19.21


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The Integrating HPE Composable Infrastructure 19.21 course is five days in duration and includes lectures and hands-on activities in the ratio of approximately 25/75 (lecture/ activities). Hands-on include working with HPE Synergy hardware, HPE 3PAR storage, and OneView DCS 4.2.

After you successfully complete this course, expect to be able to:
  • Describe the mainstream HPE enterprise compute product portfolio
  • Review and validate design for compute solution implementation.
  • Install, configure, and set up HPE compute solutions.
  • Troubleshoot HPE compute solutions.
  • Demonstrate how monitor, maintain, and manage solutions


The ideal candidate typically has a minimum of three years of design and/or operational experience or equivalent in at least one of the core HPE areas (Server, Storage, and Networking) and six months integration and/or implementation experience or equivalent in other HPE solutions and technologies.


  • Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions
  • Introduction to HPE SMB Hybrid IT Architectures
  • Using HPE OneView


 HPE Server Portfolio 
  • HPE ProLiant ML/DL systems
  • HPE Superdome Flex
  • HPE SimpliVity
  • HPE Apollo
  • HPE Synergy 
    • Lab 1: Exploring Synergy Composable Infrastructure (real hardware).
    • Lab 2: Using iLO Management Processor (real hardware).
    • Lab 3: Installing an Operating System using HPE Intelligent Provisioning (real hardware). 

Installing and Configuring HPE Synergy Describe the process of preparing HPE Synergy for configuration.
  • Explain the HPE Synergy configuration process.
  • Identify and explain key HPE Virtual Connect technologies.
    • Lab 4: Configuring HPE Synergy Platform (DC simulator).

 Storage Solutions for HPE Servers
  • Describe the components and configuration process of D3940.
  • Discuss the concepts and configuration process of HPE 3PAR StoreServ.
  • Explain the basics of a Nimble arrays and integration with HPE OneView.
  • Describe volume management using HPE Composer.
    • Lab 5: Configuring HPE StoreServ using SSMC and HPE OneView

Server Profile Management
  • Describe the server profile template and the server profile concept.
  • Explain the process of creating a server profile template.
  • Discuss profile management operations.
    • Lab 6: Server profile management (real hardware).

 HPE Synergy Image Streamer
  • Describe HPE Image Streamer’s features.
  • Explain the configuration process of HPE Image Streamer.
  • Use the HPE Image Streamer interface.
    • Lab 7: Using Image Streamer (real hardware).

 Introduction to the Virtualization • Explain basic virtualization concepts
  • Identify vCenter Server deployment and configuration steps.
  • Describe the datastore concept.
  • Discuss how to create a VMware Cluster.
    • Lab 8: Deploying and configuring virtualization components (real hardware)

 Advanced Management Tools for HPE Synergy Platform 
  • HPE OneView for vCenter Server
  • HPE Global Dashboard
  • HPE iLO Amplifier Pack
    • Lab 9: WModule 8: Managing and Troubleshooting the Infrastructure orking with the HPE OneView for vCenter Server and Hypervisor Profiles
    • Lab 10: Working with the HPE Global Dashboard (real hardware) 

 Managing and Troubleshooting the Infrastructure
  • Describe role- and scope-based access control.
  • Identify tools and methods to interact with the HPE Synergy platform through the API.
  • Talk about troubleshooting tools and methods.
  • Explain Remote Support features.
  • Discuss InfoSight for Servers.
    • Lab 11: Managing the Synergy Lifecycle (DC simulator)
    • Lab 12: Managing HPE Synergy resources using the API (DC simulator)



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