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Integrating Protected HPE Storage Solutions


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HPE0-J50: Integrating Protected HPE Storage Solutions 

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This course teaches skills to deploy, integrate, troubleshoot, and manage storage solutions that meet your customer’s business requirements across the physical, virtual, and cloud workload for information serving, protection, retention and analytics. The course teaches expert level HPE Storage solutions integration skills using a mixture of hands-on lab exercises and live facilitator instruction. 

After you successfully complete this course, expect to be able to: 
  • Describe, demonstrate implement HPE Storage solutions to meet customer technical and business needs 
  • Create configurations and infrastructure installations according to documented storage architect specifications
  • Perform storage solution troubleshooting and ongoing optimization 


HPE Partner and employee presales professionals who support sales representatives at customer site to prepare a complete and supported HPE Storage Solution. The ideal candidate provides technical support needed during the planning and design of HPE enterprise storage products and solutions 


Suggested: HPE ATP - Storage Solution


Verify, plan and design Storage Solutions 
  •  Lecture 1.1: Assess customer requirements 
  •  Lecture 1.2: Perform design validation 
  •  Lecture 1.3: Solution Installation, configuration, and set up

HW solution installation considerations 
  • Lecture 2.1: Power, rack space, and cooling considerations 
  • Lecture 2.2: Preparing systems for deployment 
  • Lecture 2.3: HW installation best practices 
  • Lecture 2.4: Initial testing of storage solutions & hand off to customer 

 Implement, configure, and setup HPE StoreOnce Data Protection Solutions 
  • Lecture 3.1: HPE StoreOnce implementation (requirements & benefits) 
  • Lecture 3.2: HPE StoreOncel configuration steps, HPE DataProtector & ISV solutions 
  • Lecture 3.3: HPE StoreOnce VSA

 Implement, configure, and setup protected MSA Storage Solutions
  • Lecture 4.1: HPE MSA implementation (requirements & benefits) 
  • Lecture 4.2: HPE MSA configuration steps 

 Implement, configure, and setup HPE StoreVirtual Storage Solutions
  • Lecture 5.1: StoreVirtual implementation (requirements & benefits)  
  • Lecture 5.2: StoreVirtual configuration steps 

 Implement, configure, and setup Nimble & XP Storage Solutions
  • Lecture 6.1: Nimble predictive flash storage solutions
  • Lecture 6.2: Mission critical & mainframe storage solutions with the XP7 

 Implement, configure, and setup HPE StoreServ 3PAR Storage Solutions
  • Lecture 7.1: HPE 3PAR implementation (requirements & benefits) 
  • Lecture 7.2: HPE 3PAR configuration steps & SSMC  
  • Lecture 7.3: Managing your HPE 3PAR solutions 
  • Lecture 7.4: Recovery Manager Central

 Manage, monitor, maintain & troubleshoot HPE Storage Solutions
  • Lecture 8.1: Storage Solutions best practices wrap up from labs so far 
  • Lecture 8.2: Identifying gaps & opportunities for upsale



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