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IBM Case Manager 5.2 - Customize and Extend the Features


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This course explores different options for customizing and extending the features of IBM Case Manager including developing widgets.

Nach Abschluss dieses Seminars haben die Teilnehmer Wissen zu folgenden Themen:
  • Customize the banner and the login page
  • Associate a custom icon for a MIME type
  • Modify labels in the IBM Case Manager Client
  • Create a Viewer Map for PDF files
  • View the Microsoft Word documents in the FileNet Viewer
  • Edit the existing help topics
  • Create a help plug-in
  • Customize the toolbar to implement actions
  • Add a custom action as a menu item


  • Customizing and extending the IBM Case Manager features by developing widgets
  • Building a customized user interface for IBM Case Manager


  • Intermediate level expertise in the following technologies:
  • Java
  • Dojo
  • JavaScript
  • JSON
  • HyperText Markup Language (HTML 5)
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3)


  1. Customize the Case Manager Client User Interface
    1. Customize the Case Manager Client appearance
    2. Customize the Banner appearance
    3. Customize the login page
    4. Change Icons for the client
    5. Modify the labels in the Case Manager Client
    6. Specify Viewers for File Types
    7. Viewer Maps
    8. Add custom help topics
    9. Creating a help plug-in
    10. Toolbar widgets
  2. Use Scripts to Customize Case Manager Client
    1. IBM Case Manager Development Architecture
    2. IBM Case Manager API toolkits
    3. IBM Content Navigator APIs
    4. IBM Case Manager JavaScript API
    5. Collaborative editing of objects
    6. Script Adapter widget
    7. Adding discretionary tasks
    8. IBM Case Manager classes and events for adding tasks
    9. Adding a choice list to a case property
    10. IBM Case Manager classes for adding a choice list
    11. Data Validation based on a step response
    12. Case custom workbench pages
    13. Filter In-basket SA - Script Adapter widget
    14. Filter Search SA - Script Adapter widget
    15. Tips for the labs and lab overview
  3. Develop Custom Widgets
    1. Custom widget development overview
    2. Developing case management applications
    3. Creating a custom page widget and actions package
    4. IBM Content Navigator plug-in for the custom widget package
    5. Setting up the development environment for plug-ins
    6. Create registry files for the custom widget package
    7. Catalog JSON file
    8. Page widget definition JSON file
    9. IBM Case Manager custom page widget development
    10. Implementing a page widget
    11. Files used to implement a page widget
    12. Contents in a custom page widget package
    13. Options for widget package deployment and registration
    14. Folder structure for the custom widget project
    15. Implement toolbar and menu for your widget
    16. Build and deploy a widget as an EAR file
    17. Widget package structure
    18. Custom case comment widget
    19. Update an existing widget package with new widgets
  4. Implement External Data Services (EDS)
    1. Case data from an external data source
    2. Sample external data service
    3. Java code in the sample EDS service
    4. External Data Configuration in the sample
  5. Appendix
    1. Start and Stop System Components
    2. Debugging and troubleshooting
    3. Additional Information and links



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