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IBM System z Hardware Management Console (HMC) Operations


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This course teaches you navigation, operational, and recovery techniques for the Hardware Management Console in the System z environment. Through lecture and hands-on exercises, you learn setup and operating procedures for the Hardware Management Console (HMC), gain in-depth problem determination skills, practice HMC operations, and utilize recovery capabilities provided by the System z servers.

Training Paths that reference this course are:
  • z/OS Operation and Parallel Sysplex
  • z/OS Installation, Tuning, JES, and REXX Programming and Problem Diagnosis
  • Zielgruppen

    Operations personnel and technical staff who are directly involved in the installation, operation, systems support, and software support of their System z mainframe environment.


    You should have an understanding of: Basic data processing and I/O concepts and terminology z/OS console operation, including display of device, job, and console status


    1. Day 1
      1. Welcome
      2. Unit 1: IBM mainframe server hardware: Overview
      3. Unit 2: Using the HMC classic style user interface
      4. Unit 3: Using the HMC tree style user interface
      5. Unit 4: Using the HMC to monitor System z servers
      6. Supporting labs
    2. Day 2
      1. Review
      2. Unit 5: Activation profiles and operational tasks
      3. Unit 6: Single object operation: CPC session Supporting labs



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