Advanced Angular Development - ngADV

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Im Seminar "Advanced Angular Development" bringen wir Ihre Angular Kenntnisse auf den Experten Level. Großes Augenmerk legen wir dabei auf Reactive Programming & State Management mit NgRX, Advanced Routing, Testing & Security, Optimierung und vor allem auch die Darstellung des Angular Developments Prozesses in Bezug auf DevOps, Cloud & Container

Nach Abschluss des Kurses haben die Teilnehmer*innen Kenntnisse zu folgenden Themen:
  • Theming Angular Apps 
  • Components & Forms Deep Dive
  • Mastering Reactive Programming
  • Advanced State Management using NgRx
  • Advanced Routing and App Initialization
  • Securing Angular using NgRx and using Cloud Identities
  • Advanced Testing including Jest & Cypress
  • Supporting Reusability with Libraries and Packages 
  • Optimizing Applications
  • Implementing Real Time connected Microfrontends 
  • Publishing Angular App using Containers and Config Injection

Neue Themengebiete werden anhand von Folien und Demos erarbeitet. Am Ende der Module werden die erlernten Inhalte in eine durchgängige Anwendung integriert, welches am Ende in die Cloud publiziert werden kann. 

expand_more chevron_right Zielgruppe

  • Angular Entwickler*innen welche ihre Kenntnisse vertiefen wollen.

    expand_more chevron_right Vorkenntnisse

    • Environment & Tools Setup and Introduction
    • TypeScript Fundamentals
    • Angular Projektkonfiguration & CLI
    • Understanding Fundamentals & Completing Basic Tasks
    • Routing & Modularity
    • Basics of Building a Responsive User Interface using Material
    • Form Design & Validation
    • Data Access
    • Observables Basic Understanding
    • Basic Unit Testing

    Diese werden im Seminar "Angular Single Page Application Development" vermittelt.

    Außerdem Kenntnisse im Umgang mit Git.

    expand_more chevron_right Detail-Inhalte

    Theming Angular Apps
    • Migrating to MDC-based Angular Material Components using Angular 15+
    • Styling Angular Components Deep Dive
    • Comparing Angular Material & Bootstrap
    • Upgrading to Material MDC
    • Modern and clean CSS - replacing @angular/flex-layout
    • Bootstrap Resets, Layout Helper & Utilities
    • Best of Both: Combining Bootstrap & Angular Material
    • Building a Reusable Theme
    • Theming Custom Components

    Components & Forms Deep Dive
    • Standalone Components: Creation, Lazy Loading, Bootstrapping
    • Using Angular Directives Composition Api
    • Templates TemplateRef, *ngTemplateOutlet
    • Comparison: ng-template vs ng-content - pro / cons
    • ViewChild, -Children, ContentChild, -Children
    • HostBinding & HostListener
    • Recap Reactive Forms Revisited (FormGroup, Form Builder, FormControl, FormArray)
    • Untyped Forms vs Typed Forms 
    • Typed Forms Nullability, NonNullableFormBuilder, GetRawValue
    • Partial Values, Optional Controls, Dynamic Groups and FormRecord
    • Cascading Form Controls
    • Implementing Custom Controls using ControlValueAccessor
    • Typed Forms Validation & Custom Validators
    • Handling FormErrors & ErrorStateMatcher
    • Dynamic Form Generation

    Mastering Reactive Programming
    • Recap: Observables, Operators & Subjects
    • Data- vs Action-Streams
    • Unsubscribing: When & Patterns
    • Understanding Marble Diagrams & Debugging Observables
    • Imperative vs Reified Reactive Programming
    • Base Operators: Mapping, Filtering, Merging, Scanning, ...
    • Implementing Side Effects using tap
    • Marble-testing RxJs
    • Higher Order Mapping Operators
    • Data Composition - Joining Observable Streams
    • Data Caching & Invalidation
    • Retry & Error Handling Strategies
    • Implementing & Testing Custom Observable Operators

    Advanced State Management using NgRx
    • Overview State Management Patterns
    • Statefull Services with Behaviour Subject
    • Intra Component Communication using Event Bus Pattern
    • Introduction to the Redux Pattern & NgRx
    • Using Store, Selectors, Actions, createActionGroup and Reducers
    • Debugging NgRx using Redux Dev Tools
    • Feature State and ActionReducerMap
    • Effects, Facades, @ngrx/enitity adapters
    • Simplifying Data Access with @ngrx/data
    • NgRx Data Optimistic & Pessimistic Update and Delete
    • NgRx Container Presenter Best Practices
    • Understanding, Profiling & Optimizing Angular Change Detection
    • Optimize Change Detection using ngrxPush, ChangeDetectioRef
    • @ngrx/component-store vs Store
    • Using @ngrx/component-store

    Advanced Routing and App Initialization
    • Dependency Injection in Depth: Resolution modifiers and Dependency providers
    • APP_INITIALIZER, Injection & forwardRef
    • Introduction to @ngrx/router-store
    • Implementing Global Error Handling and Retry-Patterns
    • Integrating Route Guards & Interceptors with State
    • Chaining Route Guards & Interceptors
    • Optimizing Modules using Code Splitting & Preloading
    • Auxilary Routes: Common use cases
    • Preloading Component Data from NgRx using Resolvers
    • Introduction to Visual Feedback (Loading-, Saving-, ...-Indicator)
    • Implementing Page Transitions using Animations

    Securing Angular using NgRx and using Cloud Identities
    • Recap Jwt, OAuth 2.0 & OpenID Connect
    • Token based Authentication in Angular with NgRx
    • Impelmenting an AuthModule using a Facade Service, Components, Guards & Interceptors
    • Optimizing Application Flow for Authetication
    • Authentication using Microsoft Identity, Azure AD and @azure/msal-angular

    Advanced Testing including Jest & Cypress
    • Using Testbed & Spies
    • Testing Components & Components interaction
    • Complex Forms Testing
    • Async Component Testing (done, fakeAsync, waitForAsync)
    • Testing Observables & BehaviourSubjects
    • Mock Data & Http Testing
    • Interacting with Components in Tests
    • Material Testing using Component Harnesses
    • Testing NgRx: Mock Store, Mock Selectors, Reducers, ...
    • Using Jest for Unit Testing (Setup, Changes in spec, Snapshot Tests)
    • End-2-End Testing using Cypress
    • Introduction to Test driven development (TDD)

    Supporting Reusability with Libraries and Packages
    • Angular Building Blocks: Workspace, Apps, Libraries
    • Reusable Artifacts using Angular Libraries
    • Implementing, Publishing and Consuming Libraries to / from GitHub Packages
    • Understanding Monorepos: Pro / Cons
    • Introduction to Nx Workspaces, Apps & Libs
    • Introduction to Angular Schematics
    • Implementing Web Components using Angular Elements

    Optimizing Applications
    • Using Linting and Autoformat with Prettier
    • Using Chrome Dev Tools & Lighthouse for Performance Optimization
    • Understanding & Using Page Traces
    • Optimizing Images using NgOptimizedImage 
    • Analysing and Optimizing Bundles & Modules
    • Introduction to Server Side Rendering (SSR) using Angular Universal
    • Why Server Side Rendering
    • Configure Server Side Rendering & prerender static pages

    Implementing Real Time connected Microfrontends
    • Introduction to Microfrontends and Event Driven Architecture (EDA)
    • Implementing a Real Time connected Microfrontend listening to Cloud Events
    • Using `@ngrx/component-store`
    • Introduction to Progressive Web Apps
    • Understanding and Configuring Service Workers & Manifests
    • Installing & Updating Progressive Web Apps

    Publishing Angular App using Containers and Config Injection
    • Deployment Overview & Cloud Hosting Options
    • Configuration Management and Config Injection Options
    • Creating an Angular Multi-Stage Docker Image using environment variables
    • Publishing to a Cloud Container Host and executing standalone Cypress E2E Tests
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