Managing HPE IMC II: Compliance Policies and Performance Management - H9TB2S


This training course covers monitoring and managing a computer network with HPE Intelligent Management Center Software Platform (IMC) version 7.3. This course teaches compliance, ACL, virtualization, and performance management, plus Network Traffic Analyzer and Zero Touch Provisioning. The hands-on laboratory exercises monitor and manage ArubaOS Switch, ArubaOS-CX, Comware, Cisco, Arista, pfSense firewall, Windows server, VMware ESXi, and Linux server.

After you successfully complete this course, expect to be able to:
  • Discover the new Desktop User Interface
  • Discover the Quick Service Process
  • Discover and isolate faults in your environment
  • Make configuration changes to your computing environment
  • Authenticate users with 802.1X and UAM
  • Manage the performance of your environment
  • Increase the security of your environment

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Ideal candidate for this course:
  • Network engineers and administrators
  • Network architects and consultants

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    The following knowledge is recommended for this seminar:
    Learners should have IMC operational proficiency and networking experience to get the most from this training course

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    Compliance and Intelligent Policy Center
    • Create a policy and have IMC check for a policy violation on managed devices
    • Have IMC perform an additional action based on a generated alert

    ACL Management
    • ACL assistant feature
    • Managing ACL templates
    • Managing ACL resources 
    • Managing device ACL configurations
    • Deploying ACLs using IMC’s ACL deployment wizard

    Virtualization Management 
    • An introduction to virtualization
    • Adding virtual hosts to IMC 
    • Using Virtual Resource Manager (VRM)
    • An introduction to managing virtual devices in VRM

    Performance Management
    • Describe the types of performance metrics that a network administrator can monitor using IMC
    • Analyze the performance characteristics being tracked by IMC
    • View, interpret, and configure performance widgets in the IMC home window
    • Describe the difference between global index settings and individual device monitoring settings
    • Configure individual device monitoring settings 
    • Use topology maps to access device performance metrics
    • Configure topology maps to display specific performance metrics
    • Describe the difference between global index data and real-time monitoring data
    • Configure real-time performance data

    Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA)
    • Understanding traffic monitoring and NTA’s capabilities
    • Configuring networking devices for NTA
    • Configuring NTA for traffic analysis and auditing
    • Using host session monitoring 
    • Setting up and using interface monitoring
    • Setting up NTA widgets on the home window
    •  Performing traffic log audits

    Zero Touch Provisioning
    • Create configuration template for the device final configuration
    • Create configuration template for the device ZTP initial configuration 
    • IMC will automatically add the new device


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