Networking in OpenStack® using Neutron - H4S71S


This two-day course will take students through an in depth look at the OpenStack Network service Neutron. The result will be the skills to design and build a scalable extensible network within an OpenStack environment. The students will get hands-on lab experience of many of the course topics in a dedicated, pre-built OpenStack environment. This course assists in preparing students to pass introductory level OpenStack certification exams.

After you successfully complete this course, expect to be able to:
  • Understand the OpenStack networking components and how they work together
  • Understand the architecture and extensibility of an OpenStack based network
  • Troubleshoot an OpenStack based network
  • Helps prepare you for OpenStack certification exams including the Mirantis OpenStack Administrator Certification Associate Level (MCA100)

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Ideal candidate for this course:
  • Network Administrators
  • Network Architects
  • Solution Architects
  • Sales Engineers
  • Technical Marketing Staff
  • OpenStack Administrators
  • OpenStack Architects

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    The following knowledge is recommended for this seminar:

    Have a good grasp on networking fundamentals:
    • TCP/IP
    • Ethernet
    • Routing, Firewalls etc.

    and attendance of the following courses, or possessing equivalent skills:
    • OpenStack Foundations (H6C68S)
    • Linux Fundamentals (U8583S)
    • HPE Cloud Overview (HK917AAE)

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    Module 1: Course overview
    • Set out the course objectives

    Module 2: Overview of an OpenStack network based on Neutron
    • Architecture
      • Neutron Components
      • Different network types and purposes
    • Implementation Scenarios
      • Single tenant
      • Multi-tenant
    • Removing Nova networking

    Module 3: Installation and configuration of Neutron components
    • Installing the controller components
    • Installing the network node components
    • Installing the compute node components
    • Configuring the components to work together
    • Using the OpenStack Dashboard Horizon to manage networking
    • The networking command line

    Module 4: Some other technologies used by Neutron
    • Using plugins to extend the network
    • Software Defined Networking primer
      • OpenDaylight overview
    • Discuss the ML2 plugin
    • Look at Open vSwitch and OpenFlow
    • Establish the need for overlay networks
    • The overlay protocols available
    • Configuring and managing overlay networks

    Module 5: Layer 3 services
    • DHCP
    • NAT
    • Floating IP addresses
    • Security

    Module 6: High Availability and scale
    • Building resilient into a Neutron based OpenStack network
      • Service resilience
      • DHCP resilience
      • Network resilience
    • Scaling the network
      • Effect on controller and network nodes
    • Adding compute nodes

    Module 7: Troubleshooting Neutron based networks
    • Tools available
    • Log locations and use
    • Techniques to employ
    • Example problems and resolution


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