HPE NonStop Software Essentials - H1SC8S


HPE NonStop Software Essentials is the replacement for the DSM/SCM Planner Interface. In this 2 days course you will learn how to install the HPE NonStop Software Essentials client, how to configure the NonStop host software and become familiar with using the client. The course is a mix between lecture (60%) and lab exercises (40%). Some DSM/SCM requests are time consuming and can damage the NonStop system configuration when incorrectly used. For this reason, a simulator will be used in about 50% of the LAB exercises. After completing this course, you will be able to install, configure and use the HPE NonStop Software Essentials product. This is not a DSM/SCM course.

After you successfully complete this course, expect to be able to:
  • Provide a product overview and a brief insight on the architecture
  • Installing NonStop Software Essentials 
  • Configuring NonStop Software Essentials 
  • Using NonStop Software Essentials
  • Using the Package Software feature
  • Provide an overview how to use the reporting feature
  • Provide some basic troubleshooting


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Ideal candidate for this course:
Everybody who uses DSM/SCM on HPE NonStop systems. 

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    The following knowledge is recommended for this seminar:
    One of these knowledge will be necessary: 

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    Course Introduction
    • Course Schedule

    Product Overview & Architecture 
    • Explain what NonStop Software Essentials is and can do
    • Show the NonStop Software Essentials user interface
    • List the benefits of NonStop Software Essentials 
    • List the different versions of NonStop Essentials
    • Describe briefly a typical DSM/SCM environment
    • List the NonStop Software Essentials architecture and components 

    Installing NonStop Software Essentials
    • List the NonStop Software Essentials software requirements and related products
    • List the minimum RVU and SPRs
    • Describe the installation of the NSE NonStop server component 
    • Describe the installation of the NSE NonStop client component Accessing the NSE interface
    • Securing NSE and Jetty App Server 
    • Changing TCP/IP Settings 

    Configuring NonStop Software Essentials
    • Managing the Host Configuration
    • Managing Targets (add, delete, modify)
    • Managing Planners (add, delete, modify)
    • Managing Host Administrators (add, delete, modify) 
    • Configuring and modifying the Planner and Host Administrator Security
    • Managing Volumes Used by NonStop Software Essentials 

    Using NonStop Software Essentials 
    • Explain how to manage software with NonStop Software Essentials
    • Describe how to receive software with NonStop Software  Essentials
    • Creating and Managing Software Revisions 
    • Build/Apply a Software Revision
    • Activating New Software on a Target System
    • Renaming Product Files Using ZPHIRNM
    • Using the NonStop Software Essentials Simulator 

    Using the Package Software feature
    • Describe how to launch the Package Software feature
    • Explain the creation and modification of a Distribution Subvolume (DSV)
    • Describe the Guardian File Settings for a DSV 
    • Describe the DSV file functions: ADDIF and DELIF
    • Explain how to validate the settings
    • Describe how the package the DSV 

    • Explain the report features of NonStop Software Essentials
    • List all default available reports
    • Describe how to add, modify or delete a report 
    • Explain how to prepare a report
    • Describe the available reports parameters
    • Explain how to view a prepared report 

    • Explain how to enable tracing and logging of NonStop Software Essentials (host)
    • Explain how to enable tracing and logging of DSM/SCM (host) 
    • Troubleshooting the installation of the NSE client
    • Troubleshooting the launch of the NSE client 


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