Disaster Recovery - Design and Implementation (V10) - COMDR

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This 2-day instructor-led course is intended for administrators, engineers and other personnel who have completed Core Fundamentals. It is designed for those responsible for disaster recovery planning and implementation using CommVault Simpana® software.

This course addresses topics ranging from general disaster recovery concepts and terminology to specific planning and recovery steps using tools and technologies relevant to Simpana software. Students are instructed on ways to identify risk factors affecting all CommCell® components as well as suggested response levels and approaches that help reduce the potential impact to production environments. Through real-world scenarios and hands-on practice labs, students integrate and apply knowledge to effectively recover all necessary CommCell components.

Upon completion of this course the learner will be able to perform the following key tasks:
  • Understand the process for recovering a CommCell® environment
  • Recover the CommServe® server
  • Recover MediaAgents and libraries
  • Restore client servers

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Dieses Seminar richtet sich an:
  • Administrators, Engineers und Personen, die bereits das Seminar Core Fundamentals besucht haben und weitergehende Informationen zu Disaster Recovery benötigen

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    1. Module 1: CommCell Planning
      1. Bullet-Proofing the CommServe Server
      2. CommServe DR Backup Procedures
      3. CommServe High Availability
      4. MediaAgents, Libraries and Media Management
      5. Planning Considerations
    2. Module 2: Data Protection Planning
      1. Storage Design Options
      2. Protection Technologies
      3. Protection Methods and Frequency
      4. Managing Content
      5. Media and Stream Considerations
    3. Module 3: Getting Back to Production
      1. Disaster Recovery Kit
      2. CommServe Recovery
      3. Rebuilding MediaAgents and Libraries
      4. Client Recovery Methods
      5. 1-Touch recovery
    4. Module 4: Best Practices and Practical Experiences
      1. Disaster Recovery Strategies
      2. DR Analysis
      3. Disaster Levels and Effects on SLAs
      4. How CommVault can Help
    5. Scenarios and Lab
      1. Review DR Backup and Restore Settings
      2. DR Reports
      3. Recovering the CommServe Server
      4. CommServe Name and License Updating
      5. Media Migration


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