Arista Cloud Engineer Level 5 - Cloud Automation - ACE_L5


The ACE Level 5 course is designed to give modern network engineers, architects and operations staff the needed skills to automate an Arista infrastructure. The focus of the course is mid-level programmability leveraging Ansible, Python and other commonly used automation languages. Advanced CloudVision capabilities will be explored to give the engineer a comprehensive set of tools and strategies to automate any Arista environment. This course is an extensive hands-on workshop format.

Topics At-a-Glance:
  • Automation and NetOps Drivers
  • Tools and Languages
  • APIs
  • CloudVision Automation
  • Backups and Upgrades
  • Configlet Builder with Python
  • Automating L2 and L3 Leaf Spine Configurations
  • Playbooks
  • Configuration Templates with Jinja
  • Leveraging Arista eAPI

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Ideal candidate for this course:
The ACE Level 5 course is best suited for individuals with more than 5 years of experience in the Network Engineering field. Prior exposure to the basics of Python, Ansible and CloudVision are needed as this is not a beginner level course. Mid-to-senior level Network Engineers and Operations staff will find the skills most often searched for by corporations for these positions. Those individuals holding current or expired Professional certifications in other vendor programs will find a refreshed and updated approach. ACE:L5 focuses on the features and skills needed in advanced networks. You will not waste energy learning outdated technologies, approaches or tasks no longer used in open networks.

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    The following knowledge is recommended for this seminar:
    Arista Cloud Engineer Level 4 - Cloud Professional

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     Automation and NetOps
    • Technical and Business Drivers for Automation
    • Tools of Automation
    • APIs
    • Structured Data
    • Version Control

    CloudVision Automation
    • CVP Refresher
    • Backups and Upgrades
    • Configlets
    • Day 2 Ops with Telemetry

    Configlet Builder with Python
    • Python Basics
    • Configlet Builder

    Automating the Leaf-Spine with Ansible
    • Ansible Basics
    • Inventory Files
    • Playbooks
    • Configuration Templates with Jinja

    Appendix: PyeAPI
    • Library
    • IModules
    • Documentation


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