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VBT Compliance, Anti-corruption regulations, competition- and antitrust law - English (VBT-COMP-E)

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Dauer: 50 Minuten
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Info: This VBT content will be available to you on the ETC trainIT Plattform for a total of 90 days. The use of the platform is already included in the price!
This video-based training comprises a total of 35 video learning nuggets around the topic of compliance! In order for all employees to know the applicable compliance and security guidelines, systematic training is required. This VBT content is for all employees who have a company-wide, uniform knowledge of compliance, security policies, anti-corruption regulations and more, including knowledge checks and a well-founded reporting for a clear traceability of the established knowledge to obtain.

After completing this seminar, participants will have knowledge of the following subjects:
  • Introduction to compliance
  • Compliance in Daily Business
  • Anticorruption Provisions
  • Competition and Antitrust law

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This seminar is aimed to:
  • People who want to use Compliance effectively.


For this seminar no special previous knowledge is necessary.


Introduction to compliance
  • Introduction
  • Key factors
  • Our expectations / Your responsibilities
  • Role-model function / Responsibility in managerial positions
  • Upholding compliance
  • Consequences of violation
  • Summary

Compliance in Daily Business
  • Introduction
  • Protection of business, property and assets
  • Processing contracts, documentation, accounting and reports
  • Conflict of interests
  • Equal opportunities, prohibition of discrimination
  • Communication, information systems, emails and data protection
  • Health, Safety at work and environment protection
  • Conduct during official investigations
  • Summary

Anticorruption Provisions
  • Introduction
  • Bribery, Corruption, Unfair gain
  • Transparent business activities
  • Differentiating legal customer care from corruption
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Gifts, invitations and hospitality
  • Gratuities made to public officials
  • Gratuities made to business partners in the private sector
  • Accepting gifts and invitations
  • Discounts and commission
  • Money laundering
  • Sanctions and Reports
  • Summary

Competition and Antitrust law
  • Introduction
  • Principles of ethical and legal business practice
  • Prohibition of unfair competition practices
  • Complaint Behavior
  • Sanctions
  • Summary
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Dieses Training wird als VBT – Video Based Training angeboten.


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