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IBM i Performance Tuning - II: Advanced Analysis and Capacity Tuning (OL66G)

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This course will help you to better understand the techniques of performance analysis and capacity planning on systems and partitions running IBM i and develop an appreciation of how IBM i operates and interfaces with applications. This course is expected to build skills to better manage performance and capacity on systems and partitions running IBM i. The course explains IBM i concepts, including the Technology Independent Machine Interface (TIMI), main storage pools, auxiliary storage pools, management of jobs, threads, and tasks, job run-time structure, performance monitoring, data collection, and analysis of performance data. This 4-day course includes hands-on activities using performance data from IBM i systems to help the student appreciate the concepts discussed. This course is designed for those running Power Systems on IBM i. While it includes i 7.2 content, it is suitable for those currently using prior versions of IBM i. The first day of class (units 1-6) focuses on teaching the performance management process, the performance considerations of key hardware components and virtualization options, and tuning options to help optimize performance. During these lectures, students should gain an appreciation of the unique storage management and work management components in the IBM i architecture and how these components need to be managed for optimal performance. Days 2-4 of the class focus on the tools and techniques to monitor, analyze, and plan for performance of Power Systems with IBM i and Logical partitions (LPARs). The primary analysis tool that will be used is the Performance Data Investigator (PDI) which is included with IBM Navigator for i. PDI is also used with IBM Systems Workload Estimator (WLE) for capacity planning activities.

Training Paths that reference this course are:
  • System Administrator

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    This intermediate course is for IBM clients, Business Partners, and technical support and service individuals interested in performance management and capacity planning on systems and partitions running IBM i.


    It is advantageous if you have completed the following course or if you have equivalent skills or experience on the IBM i work management and basic tuning: Power Systems with IBM i Structure, Tailoring and Basic Tuning (OL230) Knowledge of IBM WebQuery for i or other query options will be useful.


    1. Day 1
      1. Welcome
      2. Unit 1: Performance management process
      3. Unit 2: IBM Power Systems
      4. Unit 3: Components of performance
      5. Unit 4: Disk performance considerations
      6. Unit 5: Logical partition performance considerations
    2. Day 2
      1. Unit 6: Work management review and tuning options
      2. Unit 7: Real-time monitoring
      3. Unit 8: Collection Services: Data collection
      4. Unit 9: Performance Data Investigator overview
      5. Unit 10: Investigating data: Collection Services
      6. Lab 1: Review performance data
      7. Unit 11: Performance Tools reports and graphs
    3. Day 3
      1. Lab 2: Performance reports
      2. Unit 12: Capacity planning
      3. Lab 3: Estimate performance requirements
      4. Unit 13: Collection Services data files
      5. Lab 4: Performance data: QAPMDISK (optional)
      6. Lab 5: Disk performance analysis with PDI
    4. Day 4
      1. Lab 6: Analyze QAPMSYSTEM data
      2. Unit 14: Run-time (run/wait) analysis
      3. Lab 7: Run-time analysis
      4. Unit 15: Investigating data: Disk Watcher Unit 16: Investigating data: Job Watcher
      5. Lab 8: Disk Watcher analysis
      6. Lab 9: Job Watcher analysis
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    IBM i Performance Tuning - II: Advanced Analysis and Capacity Tuning


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