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Developing Windows Azure and Web Services (MOC20487)

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Info: Dieses Seminar behandelt prüfungsrelevante Themen zum Microsoft Examen: 70-487 Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services

Mögliche Zertifizierung: MCSA: App Builder
In this course, students will learn how to design and develop services that access local and remote data from various sources. Students will also learn how to develop and deploy services to hybrid environments, including on-premises servers and Microsoft Azure.

After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Describe the basic concepts of service development and data access strategies using the .NET platform.
  • Describe the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and its compute, data, and application hosting offerings.
  • Design and develop a data-centric application using Visual Studio 2017 and Entity Framework Core.
  • Design, implement, and consume HTTP services using ASP.NET Core.
  • Extend HTTP services using ASP.NET Core.
  • Host services on-premises and in Microsoft Azure.
  • Deploy services to both on-premises and cloud environments and manage the interface and policy for their services.
  • Choose a data storage solution, cache, distribute, and synchronize data.
  • Monitor, log, and troubleshoot services.
  • Describe claim-based identity concepts and standards, and implement authentication and authorization with Azure Active Directory.
  • Create scalable service applications.

Dieses Seminar ist auch sehr gut als Vorbereitung für die Prüfung 70-487 Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services geeignet.

Mögliche Zertifizierung: MCSD: App Builder
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This course is intended for:
  • Primary: .NET developers who want to learn how to develop services and deploy them to hybrid environments.
  • Secondary: .NET developers with Web application development experience who are exploring developing new applications or porting existing applications to Microsoft Azure.


This course requires that you meet the following prerequisites:
  • Experience with C# programming, and concepts such as lambda expressions, LINQ, and anonymous types
  • Understanding the concepts of n-tier applications
  • Experience with querying and manipulating data with ADO.NET


Module 1: Overview of service and cloud technologies
  • Key Components of Distributed Applications
  • Data and Data Access Technologies
  • Service Technologies
  • Cloud Computing
  • Manipulating Data
Lab : Exploring the Work Environment
  • Creating an ASP.NET Core project
  • Create a simple Entity Framework model
  • Create a web API class
  • Deploy the web application to Azure

Module 2: Querying and Manipulating Data Using Entity Framework
  • ADO.NET Overview
  • Creating an Entity Data Model
  • Querying Data
Lab : Creating a Data Access Layer using Entity Framework
  • Creating a data model
  • Query the Database
Lab : Manipulating Data
  • Create repository methods
  • Test the model using SQL Server and SQLite

Module 3: Creating and Consuming ASP.NET Core Web APIs
  • HTTP Services
  • Creating an ASP.NET Core Web API
  • Consuming ASP.NET Core Web APIs
  • Handling HTTP Requests and Responses
  • Automatically Generating HTTP Requests and Responses
Lab : Creating an ASP.NET Core Web API
  • Create a controller class
  • Use the API from a browser
  • Create a client

Module 4: Extending ASP.NET Core HTTP Services
  • The ASP.NET Core Request Pipeline
  • Customizing Controllers and Actions
  • Injecting Dependencies into Controllers
Lab : Customizing the ASP.NET Core Pipeline
  • Use Dependency Injection to Get a Repository Object
  • Create a Cache Filter
  • Create a Debugging Middleware

Module 5: Hosting Services On-Premises and in Azure
  • Hosting Services on-premises
  • Hosting Services in Azure App Service
  • Packaging Services in Containers
  • Implementing Serverless Services
Lab : Host an ASP.NET Core service in a Windows Service
  • Creating a new ASP.NET Core Application
  • Registering the Windows Service
Lab : Host an ASP.NET Core Web API in an Azure Web App
  • Create a Web App in the Azure portal
  • Deploy an ASP.NET Core Web API to the Web App
Lab : Host an ASP.NET Core service in Azure Container Instances
  • Publish the service to a Docker container
  • Host the service in Azure Container Instances
Lab : Implement an Azure Function
  • Develop the service locally
  • Deploy the service to Azure Functions

Module 6: Deploying and Managing Services
  • Web Deployment with Visual Studio 2017
  • Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio Team Services
  • Deploying Applications to Staging and Production Environments
  • Defining Service Interfaces with Azure API Management
Lab : Deploying an ASP.NET Core web service on Linux
  • Publish the ASP.NET Core web service for Linux
  • Configure Nginx as a reverse proxy
Lab : Deploying to Staging and Production
  • Deploy the application to production
  • Create a staging slot
  • Swap the Environments
Lab : Publishing a Web API with Azure API Management
  • Creating an Azure API Management instance
  • Testing and managing the API

Module 7: Implementing Data Storage in Azure
  • Choosing a Data Storage Mechanism
  • Accessing Data in Azure Storage
  • Working with Structured Data in Azure
  • Geographically Distributing Data with Azure CDN
  • Scaling with Out-of-Process Cache
Lab : Storing Files in Azure Storage
  • Store publicly accessible files in Azure Blobs
  • Generate and store private files in Azure Blobs
Lab : Querying Graph Data with CosmosDB
  • Create the CosmosDB graph database
  • Query the CosmosDB database
Lab : Caching out-of-process with Azure Redis cache
  • Create the Azure Redis Cache service
  • Access the cache service from code
  • Test the application

Module 8: Diagnostics and Monitoring
  • Logging in ASP.NET Core
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Application Insights
Lab : Monitoring ASP.NET Core with ETW and LTTng
  • Collect and view ETW events
  • Collect and view LTTng events
Lab : Monitoring Azure Web Apps with Application Insights
  • Add the Application Insights SDK
  • Load test the web service
  • Analyze the performance results

Module 9: Securing services on-premises and in Microsoft Azure
  • Explaining Security Terminology
  • Securing Services with ASP.NET Core Identity
  • Securing Services with Azure Active Directory
Lab : Using ASP.NET Core Identity
  • Add ASP.NET Core Identity middleware
  • Add authorization code
  • Run a client application to test the server
Lab : Using Azure Active Directory with ASP.NET Core
  • Authenticate a client application using AAD B2C and MSAL.js

Module 10: Scaling Services
  • Introduction to Scalability
  • Automatic Scaling
  • Azure Application Gateway and Traffic Manager
Lab : Load Balancing Azure Web Apps
  • Prepare the application for load-balancing
  • Test the load balancing with instance affinity
  • Test the load balancing without affinity
Lab : Load Balancing with Azure Traffic Manager
  • Deploy an Azure Web App to multiple regions
  • Create an Azure Traffic Manager profile
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Developing Windows Azure and Web Services


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