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HPE NonStop Server Administration II (H1SC4S)

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This HPE NonStop Administration course is the second of three courses to make you familiar with administering an HPE NonStop System. In this 5 day class we build on the basic skills acquired in the first class, giving a more detailed knowledge of monitoring the system, with a strong emphasis on problem recognition, reporting and resolution, including escalation where necessary. The course is 60% lecture and 40% hands on labs using HPE servers.

Nach Abschluss dieses Seminars haben die Teilnehmer Wissen zu folgenden Themen:
  • Provide an overview of the NonStop series server.
  • Describe computing environments and operator tasks
  • Provide an overview of OSM, TACL, and SCF.
  • Demonstrate the use of TACL, FUP, and SCF commands
  • Understand the use of the StoreEasy Management Tools
  • Describe how to view, modify, and correct security, disks, tapes, processes, and application related problems.
  • Demonstrate how to view, modify, and correct system spooler and print job problems.
  • Describe how to view, modify, and correct communications subsystems related problems.
  • Strong emphasis on problem recognition, reporting and resolution, including escalation where necessary.

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Dieses Seminar richtet sich an:
System Operators, System Administrators, Systems Analysts, Technical Support Analysts


Für dieses Seminar werden folgende Kenntnisse empfohlen:


Course Overview

Computing Environments and Operator Tasks
  •  Basic Data Processing
  •  Integrity NonStop Server Operations 
  •  Proble Solving and Problem Prevention

Operator Tools
  • O.S.M.
  •  Monitoring Enclosures, Hardware, and Software
  •  Event Management System
  •  Viewpoint
  •  Webviewpoint 
  •  Monitoring Processors
  •  Peek
  •  Viewsys
  •  Processor Dump and Recovery

Monitoring Processes
  • Processes Background
  • Common Process Problems

Monitoring Security
  • Managing NonStop Operating System Security
  • Security Auditing 

Monitoring Databases
  • The Guardian – Enscribe File System
  • NonStop SQL/MP database
  • Handling Files 
  • Common File Problems
  • The OSS File System
  • NonStop SQL/MX database

Monitoring Storage
  • Introduction to the CLIM Storage Subsystem
  • Introduction to the Legacy Storage Subsystem
  • SCF CLIM Disk Drive Actions
  • Checking Disk Drive Actions
  • Tape and Tape Drives 
  • Backup and Restore Operations
  • Backup and Restore Operations for OSS and NonStop SQL/MX
  • Labelled- Tape Operations Using MEDIACOM
  • Common Tape Problems

Monitoring Applications
  • The Requester Server Model
  • The Client Server Approach 
  • Client Server Monitoring
  • Pathway Configuration and Monitoring

Monitoring the TMF subsystem
  • TMFCOM Tape
  •  labelling for TMF
  •  Audit trail backup 
  •  Database backup 
  •  Audittrail rollover
  •  Overview of database recovery procedure

Monitoring Spooler
  • Common Spooler and Printer Problems

 Monitoring NonStop Communication Subsystems
  • Networking Cluster I/O Module (CLIM)
  • TCP/ IPv6 support
  • VIO and G16SE 
  • IOAME and Network Legacy Connections
  • Servernet Clusters
  • Common Problems
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HPE NonStop Server Administration II

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€ 3.360.-
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