IBMContent Navigator - Configuration - F271G


This course shows how to configure IBM Content Navigator. You learn how to connect to repositories and create new desktops, define Cross-Repository Search, and create Teamspaces and Templates.

After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Configure a Repository
  • Create a Desktop
  • Define a Cross-Repository Search
  • Create a Teamspace and a Template

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This course is intended for:
  • Administrators who are responsible for configuring and administering IBM Content Navigator system.
  • Application Builders who implement solutions by using IBM Content Navigator.

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This course requires that you meet the following prerequisites:
  • IBM Content Navigator Introduction (F270G)
  • Recommended: IBM FileNet Content Manager 5.2.1: Introduction (F280G)
  • Recommended: IBM FileNet Content Manager 5.2.1: Work with Object Metadata (F282G)

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  1. Configure a Repository
    1. IBM Content Navigator administration tool
    2. IBM Content Navigator Admin Desktop User Interface
    3. IBM Content Navigator Web Client Components
    4. IBM Content Navigator Administration Tasks
    5. IBM Content Navigator supported repositories
    6. Configure a Repository - General tab
    7. Configure a Repository - Configuration Parameters tab
    8. Configure a Repository - Other tabs
  2. Create a Desktop
    1. Configure IBM Content Navigator desktops
    2. Configure a desktop - General tab
    3. Configure a desktop - Repositories tab
    4. Configure a desktop - Layout tab
    5. Configure Content Navigator for Workflows
    6. Desktop User Access
    7. Export desktops
  3. Define a Cross-Repository Search
    1. Cross-Repository Search
    2. Cross-Repository Search features
    3. Cross-repository searches settings
    4. Property mappings
    5. Run cross-repository searches
    6. Send search results as an email
    7. Save cross repository search
    8. Repository settings for cross-repository searches
    9. Desktop settings for building searches
  4. Create and Manage Teamspaces
    1. What is a Teamspace?
    2. A sample Teamspace
    3. Roles for Teamspace users
    4. Personalized for business user needs
    5. Enable Teamspace usage on a repository
    6. Teamspace Templates
    7. Teamspace Templates Export and Import

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