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Red Hat Certified Enterprise Application Developer Exam (EX183)

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Using Red Hat JBoss EAP, you should be able to accomplish the tasks below without assistance. The tasks have been grouped into categories to assist your preparation:
  • Bean validation
  • JPA mapping
  • JPA query
  • Messaging
  • REST services with JAX-RS
  • Security
  • CDI

  • As with all Red Hat performance-based exams, configurations must persist after reboot without intervention.
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    Dieses Seminar richtet sich an:
    • This course is designed for experienced JSE developers who want to extend and test their knowledge and skills in modern enterprise Java development.


    Für dieses Seminar werden folgende Kenntnisse empfohlen:
    • Be familiar with using Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment.
    • Have a solid background with JSE, including a knowledge and understanding of the core Java concepts and APIs. For example, Exceptions, Annotations, and the Collections API are all required during the exam.
    • Review the Red Hat Certified Enterprise Application Developer exam objectives and ensure that you are comfortable with all of the topics mentioned.


    1. Bean validation
      1. Annotate a POJO to enable and set up data validation.
      2. Use the documentation to find useful standard validators.
    2. JPA mapping
      1. Annotate a POJO to map it to its persistent state representation in the database.
      2. Apply basic property mapping and be able to use the documentation to identify correct property annotations (e.g., @Temporal).
      3. Map a bidirectional OneToMany relationship between two entities, including both sides of the association.
      4. Understand default fetching behavior and be able to override the fetching strategy per association.
    3. JPA query
      1. Implement basic JPA queries using named parameters.
      2. Create and use a named query.
      3. Use a query to eager fetch an association.
    4. Messaging
      1. Understand point-to-point vs. publish/subscribe models.
      2. Understand JMS queues, topics, and connection factories.
      3. Understand and use the javax.jms.MessageListener interface.
      4. Implement a message-driven bean.
      5. Use the @MessageDriven and @ActivationConfigProperty annotations.
    5. REST services with JAX-RS
      1. Understand REST concepts, particularly the application and use of the HTTP PUT, DELETE, GET, and POST methods.
      2. Know and use standard HTTP return codes.
      3. Implement RESTful Root resource class.
      4. Expose a REST service using JAX-RS.
      5. Demonstrate ability to define @Path.
      6. Understand and use @Produce and @Consume.
      7. Be able to both consume and produce xml- and jso-formatted content using JAX-RS.
    6. Security
      1. Understand basic JAAS terms and concepts.
      2. Understand the JAAS authentication details that will be provided to you.
      3. Secure server-side services (REST services and EJBs) using JAAS annotations.
    7. CDI
      1. Understand contextual scopes.
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    Red Hat Certified Enterprise Application Developer Exam


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