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BRMS for IBM i (AS28G)

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This course covers the features and functions supported by Backup Recovery and Media Services (BRMS). BRMS is an integrated and comprehensive tool for managing backup, recovery, archive, and retrieval operations for a single Power system with IBM i or multiple systems with IBM i at a site or across a BRMS Network. The lectures describe how to perform the supported functions when using a 5250 emulation session, when using System i Navigator, and when using IBM Navigator for i. Students will then have the opportunity to practice in lab exercises what they have learned in lecture.
Training Paths that reference this course are:
  • System Administrator

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    This is an intermediate course for Power System with IBM i administrators, IBM Business Partners, and anyone else who would like practical knowledge of the features and functions supported by BRMS.


    You should have a working understanding of the capabilities and operations in the area of save and restore for IBM i. Before attending AS28G, you should first attend the WBT course Overview of BRMS on IBM i (AS28W1G). This WBT course provides an overview of BRMS features and functions.


    1. Day 1
      1. Welcome and eLab overview
      2. Unit 1: Installing BRMS
      3. Unit 2: BRMS policies overview
      4. Exercise 1: Using 5250 emulation
      5. Exercise 2: Using System i Navigator
      6. Exercise 3: Using IBM Navigator for i
      7. Unit 3: Media devices and encryption using software and hardware
      8. Unit 4: Overview and implementation of virtual tape, DVD, and optical device support
      9. Exercise 4: Media devices and virtual tape
      10. Unit 5: Creating a simple backup control group
    2. Day 2
      1. Review
      2. Unit 6: BRMS log
      3. Exercise 5: Creating a basic backup control group using 5250 green screen
      4. Exercise 6: Creating a basic backup control group using System i Navigator
      5. Exercise 7: Creating a basic backup control group using IBM Navigator for i
      6. Unit 7: Saving IFS data
      7. Unit 8: Working with backup lists
      8. Exercise 8: Creating and using backup lists and saving to a save file
      9. Exercise 9: Creating and using backup lists and saving to a save file using System i Navigator
      10. Exercise 10: Creating and using backup lists and saving to a save file using IBM Navigator for i
      11. Unit 9: Parallel save, user exits, and save-while-active
      12. Unit 10: Performing a backup and full system backup
      13. Unit 11: Other backup topics
      14. Exercise 11: Creating a backup control group
      15. Exercise 12: Creating a backup control group using System i Navigator
      16. Exercise 13: Creating a backup control group using IBM Navigator for i
    3. Day 3
      1. Unit 12: Storage locations
      2. Exercise 14: Creating a storage location
      3. Unit 13: Containers
      4. Unit 14: Move management
      5. Exercise 15: Move policies
      6. Unit 15: Media class
      7. Exercise 16: Creating a media class
      8. Unit 16: Media policies
      9. Exercise 17: Creating a media policy
      10. Unit 17: Media topics
      11. Exercise 18: Running a backup using 5250 emulation
      12. Exercise 19: Running a backup using System i Navigator
    4. Day 4
      1. Exercise 20: Running a backup using IBM Navigator for i
      2. Review Exercises 18 through 20
      3. Unit 18: BRMS networking
      4. Unit 19: Scheduling BRMS jobs
      5. Unit 20: Daily maintenance
      6. Unit 21: BRMS reports
      7. Unit 22: Recovery
      8. Exercise 21: BRMS recovery capabilities
      9. Unit 23: Tape duplication and label print
      10. Exercise 22: Tape duplication
      11. Unit 24: Functional usage
    5. Day 5
      1. Unit 25: Archive
      2. Unit 26: Retrieval
      3. Exercise 23: Archive/retrieve using 5250 emulation
      4. Unit 27: TSM Client and BRMS on IBM i
      5. Unit 28: BRMS Enterprise
      6. Unit 29: Summary
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