PERL Programming for Open Systems - AN203G


This course concentrates on the core skills required to do effective Perl 5 programming. This course also introduces the extensive module library, with particular attention to using Perl for working with databases. Learn the core skills required to be an effective Perl 5 programmer. This course introduces the extensive module library, with emphasis on how to use Perl to work with databases.

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This advanced course is designed for individuals who want to use Perl to improve their productivity such as: System administrators Database administrators Developers looking for a powerful programming environment Tivoli administrators, etc.

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You should have: Familiarity with AIX/UNIX or Windows operating systems Proficiency with a text editor, such as vi or emacs Familiarity with shell scripting, C, or other procedural programming languages

expand_more chevron_right Detail-Inhalte

    1. Simple data types
    2. I/O using standard input and output
    3. Flow control
    4. Lists and arrays
    5. Regular expressions
    6. String and array processing
    7. Multi-dimensional and associative arrays
    8. User-defined subroutines
    9. File I/O
    10. Advanced flow control
    11. Dealing with files and directories
    12. Running perl
    13. Report generation
    14. Accessing operating system data
    15. Running external programs
    16. Introduction to modules
    17. Adatabase interface

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